It was this date in 1974- President Richard Milhous Nixon had finally seen the writing on the wall and resigned as POTUS- ending the long Watergate nightmare. Vice President Gerald R. Ford would become President of the United States on August 10th. On September 8th less than a month later in an act of great courage- President Ford pardoned Nixon for any crimes he may have committed- a very unpopular move at the time {I was at my grandparents house when the announcement was made and my grandfather who had a bad temper to begin with-well I never saw him more so than that day} Pardoning Milhous Nixon would cost Ford the 1976 Presidential election but I think most historians agree now that it was a wise and correct decision. The unpopular decision is sometimes the correct one. The country needed to move on.

below is Milhous Nixon’s resignation speech. 44 years ago.



  1. I do agree…after I heard Ford explain why (on an old video)…I do understand that it would have dragged it out and enough was enough.

    • From everything I have read on presidents and I’ve read a lot on them- if you wanted one as a next door neighbor- Jerry Ford would be the pick.

    • I haven’t heard many bad things about him at all. You would know more about this…did SNL hurt him much in the polls? They were relentless on him. I wouldn’t think so but the show had a college voting audience…

    • I would say SNL didn’t help him– the funny thing – they made him out to be a total klutz- he was probably the most athletic president we’ve ever had… The 76 election was close- he doesn’t pardon Milhous and he wins i think- but he never looked back and regretted his decision.

    • He didn’t regret because he believed he did the right thing…novel concept these days. I didn’t agree with Carter’s decisions at all but he seemed like a good person also…of course I could be dead wrong.

    • Carter is my least favorite president. I do not question his religious beliefs- I believe they are true but in the past he has shown himself to be a bitter person- and a pain in the butt to future presidents -the only one who got along well with him- was Jerry Ford- the man Carter beat. I don’t think if it had been the other way around they would have been friends- but Jerry got along with everyone…. I remember reading when Bill Clinton was president and Carter would call to give advice Clinton would tell his aides the old “Tell him I’m not here” routine. Carter had a democratic congress and with his self-righteousness – couldn’t even get along with them. If he had he would have had a more successful presidency.

  2. You have forgotten more about politics than I’ve ever known…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t interest me. I didn’t know he didn’t get along with other presidents…Seems like Ford could get along with anyone. I’m glad I know that now.

    I could see Clinton doing that. Funny Clinton story… I worked in a very Republican heavy area and this guy…who was a Republican came up to me talking politics and asked if I could guess his favorite president. Naturally, with his age I said,Reagan?…He looked both ways, lowered his voice, looked around again and whispered “Clinton”…”My business never did better under anyone else.”… It just tickled me he didn’t want anyone else to hear.

    • I’ve always been interested in presidents and politics- i don’t post much about it simply because of how things are anymore. That is just my take on Carter- others I am sure have different takes. He is great at building houses!

    • Lol yes he has rebuilt his image by doing that.
      The presidents themselves yes I have been… I never have read much but have watched a lot on Johnson’s civil rights times and Nixon’s Watergate…
      I need to learn more.

    • I don’t know exactly WHY I became fascinated with the POTUS- I think it might have been the trip my grandparents took me- to DC when I was seven. LBJ may be my favorite at least to read about. The most underrated- is buried in Nashville- Polk.

    • Well it’s history also. Just like the Beatles history…that is why we like what we like on some things.
      I’ve learned some about LBJ some in spurts and I’ve known about the Civil Rights.

      When you said Polk and I remembered a news item about his burial that was on the news here…I just found it. He might get moved. I did a quick search and found this

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