• BLUR: PARKLIFE: 1994: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The Beatles vs Stones debate  of the 90’s in England was who was greater Oasis or Blur. In the US Blur didn’t make much of an impact. Parklife didn’t even make the Top 200 album chart in the US which is a shame because this is an outstanding album- one of the great Britpop albums- there were four top 20 hits in the UK off this album- Girls and Boys, To The End, Parklife, and End of A Century. This Is A Low and Tracy Jacks should have also been hits.


Dylan standing, slightly bent at the waist, in front of a stairwell

  • BOB DYLAN: STREET LEGAL: 1978: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: My first new Dylan album- I bought it soon after it came out-along with my first new Rolling Stones album “Some Girls.” My album of the summer of 1978 was Some Girls. Street Legal was kind of a let down. I have heard a few people claim Street Legal is their favorite Dylan album. What? Over forty years of listening to it the album has grown better to my ears but still a minor Dylan album. Favorite songs- Changing Of The Guard, No Time To Think. Senor, Is Your Love In Vain? True Love Tends To Forget. I don’t think there is a single classic Dylan song on here though.


  • VAN MORRISON: AVALON SUNSET: 1989: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: One of The Man’s most popular albums and one which met with great critical success also. Songs about God and love. Whenever God Shines His Light with Cliff Richard was a hit single in the UK- other winners- Have I Told You Lately, Orangefield,  These Are The Days. Van’s best album of the 80’s?

Copperhead road.jpg

  • STEVE EARLE: COPPERHEAD ROAD: 1988: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The 3rd album in Steve’s career and a critical turning point- the first two albums were great- Steve as a country singer-songwriter- this album took me by surprise because it is more rock than country. This would set the template for his career- you just don’t know what he will do one album to the next- rock? country? bluegrass? blues? a mixture of things? He keeps you guessing but the one consistent is the outstanding writing. Copperhead Road is his signature song. The Devil’s Right Hand is one of his best songs, others on here that stand out- Snake Oil, Johnny Come Lately,Even When I’m Blue. Great album cover too.


Running a couple weeks behind on my Celtic Crush on The Loft on Sirius XM- today I listened to last weeks-July 29ths show.



    • I just saw that Steve is doing a Cooperhead Road 30th year reunion tour- and coming to Pittsburgh!! The Devil’s Right Hand- an example of a perfectly written song

    • I learned to play that song before I actually heard it by Steve Earle. A friend was playing this song and I thought it was his at first… I fell in love with the song then and went out and got the album…. Will that make 31 times you have seen him if you go?

    • Yes.. tickets go on sale Friday.. I think the only time I have missed him when he’s been nearby was once when we happened to be on vacation.. One of those playing the entire album deals. A great album sounds good to me! December.

    • Love the unpredictable artists… in the Dylan re-listening got to Slow Train Coming today- of all the Dylan changes that may have shocked people even more than his going electric.

    • Off topic but I got a Oscar Levant book in yesterday- and here is some of what he said about our friend Harpo–” Harpo Marx was always adored by all intellectuals, but for what reason I could never discover, except of course, that he was uniquely lovable. He even made a great conquest of friendship when he met George Bernard Shaw in the late twenties.Years ago I asked George Kaufman if he had heard from Harpo? He can’t write and he can’t talk so how can you hear from Harpo?”.. He also tells a story how his daughter was once at dinner with Harpo his wife and others- and someone later asked her what Harpo had to say “He didn’t say anything” “How about his wife?” She didn’t say anything either.”– Oh Stealing Harpo’s bit, eh?”

    • I totally missed this… That is great. “he was uniquely lovable” and of course he listened. I like how he proclaimed himself a professional listener.
      That bit about Kaufman sounds just like how Harpo described him… That is awesome. Tell me how the book is when you are through if you don’t mind…Oh there are a few bios on Harpo but the ones I have checked out have been one star or maybe two.

    • Keep that book…the cheapest price so far has been $35.00 and one at $149… I’ll keep my eye out for it at some old book shops.

    • It is from a library- there was one in the system.. I will look for it- and Harpo Speaks at book sales- doubt I run across the Oscar book but I guess you never know.

    • My wife and I go to a lot of yard sales and flea markets… Some antique stores have books…but yea the odds are low…but it’s out there somewhere.

  1. Blur is one of my favourite ever bands and I’ve recently just rediscovered Steve Earle and Copperhead Road. Cheers

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