On this date August 7th, 1980 John Lennon began recording what would be his final album- Double Fantasy at The Hit Factory in New York. It had five years since the release of his previous album – an album of covers called “Rock n’ Roll”  which he co-produced with Phil Spector. Back in the 70’s taking 5 years off between albums was unheard of. It seemed like a surprise when the news came out that a new album was being recorded. Double Fantasy would be released on November 17th, 1980.

Because of his assassination a few weeks later it is hard to listen to this album critically. Too much emotion goes with it. 7 of the songs were John’s and 7 were Yoko Ono songs. Watching The Wheels for me is one of the best John solo songs. Overall his songs are pretty strong.  Yoko’s songs were pretty conventional songs- for Yoko.





    • Same here..It is hard to separate the songs from that terrible winter. Just as startling is how long it has been- nearly 38 years now. Feels like yesterday. Still fresh.

    • I can remember so clearly Howard Cosell in the last minutes of the MNF game with the news. I didn’t hear the story until years later but the back story was they got the word during a commercial break and Cosell was unsure as to go with the story or not- but Frank Gifford said this is a big story Howard you have to go with it. Frank was clearly right on that. I remember turning the local rock station on and listening to the Lennon tribute all night.

    • That was strange also because Howard was never afraid to say anything. He was friendly with Lennon…
      I found out the morning after when I saw Beatle footage on the news and it was turned down…just shocked.

    • All these years later- and I had just turned 20 at the time- so I had a 20 year olds perspective on it- today I think of things that I didn’t then. He was only 40. Then 40 seemed old to me- now 40- is so young. I think of the missed opportunities -that he didn’t get to do- even if he had never written another song. A lot of things that needed done and probably would have been had he live. Making a stronger connection with Julian, seeing Sean grow up. I am sure John and Paul would have probably had a stronger re-connection. I think his happiest years would have been in the future. It was so senseless.

    • He is known as the one with the cruel wit…he did have that but also he seemed really down to earth and I’ve read where he was good to fans. He was becoming a fan and started to collect Beatle things.
      We talked about it before but I do think he would have left Yoko. Julian got the short end of the stick and a lot of unresolved issues that could have been closed. I do think Paul and him would have gotten together again…if only them.
      He did seem old at the time…coming from a 13 year old he really was…but now…yea that is so young. When I turned 40 I thought about it hard.

    • From the interviews he was giving at the end it seemed like he was mellowing out a bit. The rock critic Robert Hilburn has written that John was the most down to earth rock star he was ever around… Yes 40 seemed old- I always tell the Elvis story- listening to a ball game they break in- bulletin from Memphis, Tennessee The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley has died at 42. My first thought- we’ll he was old what can you expect.

    • Watching Gilligan’s Island of all things and the news stopped the show to report that Elvis was dead. It didn’t shock me either.
      I think it was the way Lennon died…if it would have been a health reason then it still would have been bad but his life was taken out of his hands.
      I was trying to remember correctly but from the book Tune In…wasn’t it John who demanded that George and Ringo get a cut of John and Paul’s publishing? Small but some nonetheless. I may have read it somewhere else.
      He just made a 5000 dollar contribution for bullet proof vests for the NYPD…I do remember the irony in that.

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