The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Revolution”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Revolution.” “Revolution” written by John Lennon was the B-side to “Hey Jude.” This version of “Revolution” is the fast version, one of the great rock and roll songs in The Beatles catalog. A slower version of “Revolution” would appear on The Beatles “The Beatles” [The White Album.} 1967’s “Summer of Love” was over. It was now 1968, one of the ugliest years in the 20th century. Revolution was in the air.John began writing the song while in India and then completed it after he got back home to England. In this version of the song John would sing that you could count him out-when it comes to destruction. On the White Album he sings ‘you can count me out-in.” Even though it was a B-side “Revolution” reached #12 on the charts in the United States. John’s vocal was recorded many times. Finally he…

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