The Beatles Song Of The Day: “I Am The Walrus”



The Beatles Song Of The Day is “I Am The Walrus.” “I Am The Walrus” was on The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” album and was also the b-side of the “Hello Goodbye” single. The song was written by John Lennon. It was a combination of three different song ideas that John was working on at the time. The first was inspired by hearing a distant police siren while he was at home. The second was a pastoral melody about John in his garden and the third was a nonsense song about sitting on a cornflake. According to John’s longtime friend Pete Shotton, John had received a letter from a student at Quarry Bank where John had went and in the letter the student said that at school they were analyzing Beatles songs in English class. John would then throw all kinds of crazy nonsense into the song so they could…

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  1. One of the gems in The Beatles’ later-stage catalog, and perhaps my favorite among the tunes from the “Magical Mystery Tour” soundtrack/side one of the album. I’m also glad I finally know who the egg man is!😀

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