The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Magical Mystery Tour”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is ‘Magical Mystery Tour.” “Magical Mystery Tour” appears on The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” album. The song was written by Paul McCartney. This song would also be the title track of The Beatles television movie of the same name. They would not start the filming of the movie until 5ive months after the song was recorded. The idea for the song/movie was conceived by Paul while returning to England after a trip to the United States following the completion of Sgt.Pepper. John Lennon: harmony vocal and acoustic rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: vocal, piano and bass guitar/ George Harrison: harmony vocal and lead guitar/ Ringo Starr: drums and tambourine. Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall: cowbell, maracas and tambourine/ David Mason, Elgar Howarth, Roy Copestake and John Wilbraham: trumpets. The song was recorded on April 25,26,27 and May 3rd, 1967 at Abbey Road. Producer: George Martin.


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8 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Magical Mystery Tour”

  1. It was a bad movie but we did get some cool music videos from it …like I am the Walrus, Fool on the Hill, and Your Mother Should Know.

    • I watched the movie again a year or so ago- and I wouldn’t call it a good movie but I don’t think it is truly awful. The music saves it. I guess the movie proved The Beatles were musicians not Orson Welles.

    • I’ll really get in the mood to watch it and I will…and I expect to find something about it that I missed…I don’t hate it because where else are you going to see the Beatles in that period?
      I’ve seen worse movies released to theaters. The idea wasn’t bad for it’s time…they needed a little guidance…but its ok…seeing them mime to I Am The Walrus is worth it…Now I do like the segment of “Flying”…that is one of my favorite parts.

  2. I actually never watched the movie. In a way, “Magical Mystery Tour” is a strange album, throwing together songs from the film with a bunch of singles to fill up the record, making it a soundtrack and compilation album at the same time. That being said, the music is brilliant!

    With the title track, The Fool On The Hill, I Am The Walrus, Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane and All You Need Is Love, the record features some of The Beatles’ best work in their later stage.

    In fact, now that I think about it, because of these amazing songs, I would probably include “Magical Mystery Tour” among my top-ranked Beatles albums, together with Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road and Revolver.

    As noted before, with so much great music to choose from, my challenge is to even rank The Beatles’ albums – I suppose it’s a nice problem to have! 🙂

    • The other day after listening to the album i ranked the songs- and at the bottom was Flying– next to last was Your Mother Should Know- which isn’t a bad tune at all. Very strong as an album although as you said it was kind of a hodgepodge of singles and material for the movie.

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