The Beatles Song Of The Day: “All You Need Is Love”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “All You Need Is Love.” “All You Need Is Love” was the a-side of a single with “Baby, Your A Rich Man” on side b. The song would later be included in The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” album. The song was written by John Lennon. The song came about this way- in early 1967 the BBC approached The Beatles and asked them to take part in what would be the first ever live global television link- it would be a 125 minute program  which would be broadcast to 26 countries around the world. The Beatles job was to write a song that everyone around the world could relate to. The boys worked on several things but then John came up with “All You Need Is Love” and it was an obvious choice. The song was perfect for the world and for the times…

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5 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day: “All You Need Is Love”

    • The Beatles had perfect timing for things didn’t they….. Having a hard time putting Harpo Speaks! down.

    • I’m going to Destin next week and Harpo is going with me. I’m glad you are liking it. The life that guy lived was full…and he was humble.

    • 60 pages in and yes very humble- and he seems to have enjoyed every minute of it….and i see we share the same birthday! a few years apart though….

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