The Beatles Song Of The Day:”Within You Without You”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Within You Without You.” “Within You Without You” opens up side 2 of The Beatles “Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album. It is the only song on the album that was written by George Harrison. George Harrison had been obsessed with the sitar since he first saw one while The Beatles were filming “Help!” in 1965. In 1966 he met Ravi Shankar and then became skilled at playing it. He would practice playing the sitar sometimes up to eight hours a day. “Within You Without You” would be one of George’s sermons on spirituality. John Lennon would later say it was one of his favourite songs by George. During the last day of working on the song, George added the laughter at the end of the track. George had written “Only A Northern Song” for the album but that wasn’t cutting it so…

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