The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Doctor Robert”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Doctor Robert.” “Doctor Robert” is on The Beatles “Revolver” album. The song was written by John Lennon. It was a song about Doctor Robert Freymann of New York City who was famous for his willingness to prescribe amphetamines for the asking. John was one of this steady patients. John Lennon: vocal, rhythm guitar and harmonium/ Paul McCartney: harmony vocal and bass guitar/ George Harrison: lead guitar and maracas/ Ringo Starr: drums. The song was recorded on April 17th and 19th, 1966 at Abbey Road. Producer: George Martin.

Rating “Doctor Robert” on a scale of 1 to 5 stars ****

  • Rolling Stone Magazine did not rank “Doctor Robert” in their “The Beatles 100 Greatest Songs” list. Spignesi and Lewis has it ranked at #73 on their “100 Best Beatles Songs” list.
  • “Doctor Robert” was the first time The Beatles had made a specific drug reference in one…

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7 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Doctor Robert”

  1. As you highlight one great tune after another from “Revolver,” it really once again becomes obvious what a gem this record is. I know many Beatles fans consider it their best record.

    As previously noted, while I find it tough to rank Beatles albums, if pressed, my top three would probably be “Sgt. Pepper”, “Abbey Road” and “Revolver”.

    • Can’t go with any of those- Revolver is my favorite and its either Revolver or Astral Weeks depending on what day of the week it is- my favorite record of all times!

    • I go back and forth sometimes on ranking them- I have a top 25 and they can change positions- but its usually the same core of 25 just going up and down a position or two. I don’t know if it is good or not but although there are albums from the past 20 years that i do love none of them are close to being in my top 25. Does that say I am getting old?!

  2. I love all the albums, but over time I came back to Revolver as something really out of the ordinary, for me it went deeper, and into the social conscience.

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