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Former Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Ed Roebuck died on June 14th at the age of 86. Roebuck for the Dodgers from 1955 to 1963. In the 1955 World Series- the first ever Dodger World Championship team- Roebuck pitched in one game- game 6 and pitched two scoreless innings. During his career he had a record of 52-31 with a 3.35 ERA. There are now only five members of that first Dodger- and only Brooklyn Dodger World Series winners- and all are well known names- Sandy Koufax Carl Erskine, Don Newcombe, Tommy Lasorda and Roger Craig.



    • If they had one more outstanding pitcher… they should have won more. Yankees just had their number. I can’t imagine how great it must have been in 1955 when they finally won.

  1. They did have their number that is for sure. Those weren’t just fans they were a community. That had to be an exciting time period for baseball especially if you lived in New York.

    • I wonder how many more they would have won in LA if they wouldn’t have lost Clemente to the Pirates? Those early to mid 60’s teams sure could have used that bat.

    • They sure could have… Koufax and Drysdale and the pitching staff had to win the games. Clemente would have changed the dynamic of that team. I remember my dad talking about Willie Davis and Tommy Davis…He never failed to mention Tommy making three errors in the series against Baltimore I think.

    • I think it was Willie who made the 3 errors. Tommy dislocated his ankle or something like that-he continued to play another dozen years but was never really the same… glad the Pirates got Clemente- I don’t think they win 2 WS 60 and 71 without him.

    • Thank you… I should have looked that up…at least I got the Davis right lol… Clemente was a game changer. More than hitting I love watching old clips of him nailing guys from the outfield.

    • I can’t say Clemente is the BEST player I have ever seen but he was certainly the most exciting. I remember going to games and just watching him. I always have said ityou knew nothing about baseball and went to a game- you could tell he was special just by how he moved… 3 errors in an inning- Davis was a pretty good player but that is the first thing everyone remembers. After the inning ended – from Jane Levy’s book on Koufax—When the third out was recorded, Davis headed for the end of the bench and so did Koufax. Teammates, misconstruing his purpose, stepped in his path. They should have known better. Koufax draped an arm over Davis’ shoulder and said, ‘Don’t let them get you down.’

    • That’s a great story. Koufax has always seemed like a class guy…similar to Kershaw… Clemente was smart exciting… I hate to bring this guy up to some people but I saw Puig…and no I’m not even trying to compare at all… he was exciting but many times not smart exciting if that makes sense.

    • Puig has all the talent in the world and yes that does make sense.. Marte on the Pirates is like that- does incredible things and then does something that a little leaguer would know better not to do… Koufax- always admired how he has handled himself during his career and life. I like the lack of wanting to be the center of attention. I think some athletes today could learn a lot from him.

    • Imagine if Koufax would have learned to pitch correctly earlier in his career… Koufax was about the team…I know you have heard this quote many times but the one I won’t forget is Willie Stargell saying hitting against Koufax was like drinking coffee with a fork…that has stuck with me… I saw Puig a few days before he was called up when he played with the Lookouts…In person, he is huge…more NFL… He has so many tools but just cannot put them all together.

    • Yes that was a great Stargell quote.. over the years anytime I have asked someone who the best pitcher they have ever seen was–I am talking about the old time fans- there is never any hesitation- it is always Koufax… asking the best overall player I’d get different answers- Mays- DiMaggio- Clemente Williams… but Koufax – I just missed by a year or so of seeing him pitch. .. I still have a memory of sitting on my grandparents porch – I must have been 5- and my uncle and a friend of his were leaving to go to a Dodger- Pirate game and my uncle was so excited he was going to see some guy pitch named Koufax…. He is always the example I use- when some phemom pitcher comes up and doesn’t immediately set the world on fire– it took Koufax a while- it took Randy Johnson a while.. be patient!

    • That curve he had was devastating. The film of that looked unhittable. From the stories I’ve read he tipped his pitches but it didn’t matter… The best two pitchers I’ve seen pitch in person have been Kershaw and Maddux. I never got the chance to go as a child so I’m limited on the ones I’ve seen.

    • Seaver- Pedro- Kershaw- Maddux- Clemens- Johnson- Carlton– a lot of good ones over the years. If I had to go with one I’d take Seaver but I’d be happy to have any of those ones on my team.

    • I can’t see Pedro’s name without thinking of Pedro for Delino DeShields…as I wipe the tears off of my laptop… I watched Seaver many times on television…he was great. I watched him more with the Reds.

    • Sorry I brought up Pedro- yes that was one of the worst trades in memory….. Julie Andrews- I just watched Bedazzled and loved it- full of laughs! thanks for the recommendation that was a lot of fun. How in the world did they come up with something so good- there was a laugh from start to finish and no let up.

    • I’m so glad you liked it. It’s a hidden gem. I love the aggravating things Peter Cook did like scratching the album, tearing the page out of the book etc… I love that humor.

    • Yes… that is why I’ve watched it more than once and picked up on things I’ve missed. I want to start looking for more Peter Cook movies.

    • I may watch it again- my wife would probably enjoy it- she likes the english humor-.. I was reading up on Peter Cook a few moments ago – in some poll of comedians he came out at #1 comedians comedian…. looking at what the critics in america said back then– some thought it was in bad taste etc but Roger Ebert really liked it… i thought it was funny throughout-

    • Now about offending… take a listen to Cook and Moore in the 1970s with the Derek and Clive tapes. They ad-libbed and it was filthy…not family friendly that is for sure. Some of them are on Youtube. The Stones and Zeppelin use to pass the tapes around…

    • Will look for them….. I guess it shows how times have changed- 50 years ago i can see where maybe people would be offended…. today- not as many that is for sure.

    • Yes, Bedazzled is tame compared to anything now that is for sure. You made my day. I feel like I accomplished something…that movie needs to be seen and found by new people…

    • I will spread the news too! You have had two brilliant recommendations that I finally caught up with- Bedazzled and Alone In The Wilderness!

    • fun is good! just looking at the cover and who is in it – it looks to be fun… my wife just came in, she hasn’t seen THIS bedazzled just the remake. So I’ll watch that again with her.

    • Didn’t Branch Rickey help build those Pirates teams? I know he was their GM after the Dodgers. I didn’t know how many were left when they won the 71 World Series…

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