The Beatles Song Of The Day: “If I Needed Someone”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “If I Needed Someone.” “If I Needed Someone” is on The Beatles “Rubber Soul” album. “If I Needed Someone” was written by George Harrison. George Harrison wrote the song for his girlfriend Pattie. George would say that the song was inspired by two Byrd’s songs ” The Bells of Rhymney” and “She Don’t Care About Time.” You certainly can hear the Byrd’s influence with the jangly guitar sounds.I’ve always thought that this was George’s first really excellent song. John Lennon: harmony vocal and rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: harmony vocal and bass guitar/ George Harrison: double-tracked vocal and lead guitar/ Ringo Starr: drums and tambourine. George Martin: harmonium. The song was recorded on October 16th and 18th, 1965 at Abbey Road. Producer: George Martin.

Rating “If I Needed Someone” on a scale of 1 to 5 stars *****  a classic.

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3 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day: “If I Needed Someone”

  1. Unfortunately, John and Paul accepted relatively few of George’s songs for Beatles records. It’s a pity since George wrote some great stuff.

    Even though I recall reading somewhere that George didn’t consider “If I Needed Someone” anything special, I feel it’s one of his gems. Yes, it’s a simple song, but oftentimes music is best when it’s not overly complex, especially in rock. There are countless other examples that prove this.

    As for being inspired by The Byrds, it’s worth remembering that it was George who initially inspired Roger McGuinn to pick up a Rickenbacker. That’s what really sparked The Byrds’ magic jingle-jangle sound.

    BTW, in 2004, the Rickenbacker maestro himself recorded a beautiful cover of the tune.

    • I think when The Beatles ended George was right up there with John and Paul in songwriting – John at the time being consumed by other things. If The Beatles had kept on how could they have held George down to a couple songs an album when he was writing such gems?

  2. This was my favorite era of the sixties…that jangling Rickenbacker sound… I agree…they couldn’t have kept on holding George back. After Abbey Road, they would have had no choice but to let more of his songs drive the albums.

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