The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Norwegian Wood {This Bird Has Flown}


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Norwegian Wood {This Bird Has Flown} which is the second song on The Beatles “Rubber Soul” album. The song was written by John Lennon.John gave Paul McCartney credit for helping with the middle eight. John began writing the song n February 1965 while on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. John wrote the song about an affair he had. He was married to his first wife Cynthia at the time so John tried to disguise it. John would call the lyrics “gobbleygook.” John would later say “I was trying to write about an affair without letting my wife know I was writing from my experiences, girls flats, things like that.” The song stood out for the use sitar played by George Harrison, it was the first use of a sitar on a pop record. George had become fascinated by the instrument when he came across one while…

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  1. A beautiful melody with clever lyrics that started the sitar craze…again The Beatles were leaders.

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