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  • PAUL SIMON: GRACELAND: 1986: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Certainly Simon’s most celebrated album and probably his best. I may have a couple ahead of it in my ‘favorites’ list but it is a landmark album. Simon was in a rut- he goes to South Africa for inspiration. One of the albums that opened the United States up to the world music scene. Won the Grammy for Album of the Year. You Can Call Me Al was the hit single on this- everyone I am sure remembers the video with Chevy Chase. Best song- the title track Graceland and Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes and of course The Boy In The Bubble. … “Every generation throws a hero up the pop chart”



  • THE ROLLING STONES: VOODOO LOUNGE:1994: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The Stones went 5 years between albums which at the time seemed unheard of. They were going on a huge tour and wanted some product out there. I saw them twice on that tour and I don’t remember them playing anything from the album. If they did that was probably the moment people headed for the restrooms. Love Is Strong, Sparks Will Fly, Out of Tears, Brand New Car, I Go Wild and Blinded By Rainbows are the better tracks. A lot of the songs on the album sound like re-writes of earlier songs to me.


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  • STEVE EARLE: TOWNES: 2009: 3 1./2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Earle’s tribute to his mentor Townes Van Zandt. He picked out fifteen songs that the great songwriter Van Zandt wrote that meant the most to him. How much does Townes mean to Steve? His son is named Justin Townes Earle. Good collection- its not as good to me as a collection of Steve Earle songs but it’s a nice in between Steve albums release and also a nice gesture to bring attention to Townes- one of those great songwriters who never sold a lot of records on his own. Hopefully a few people discovered Van Zandt through this album.


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  • PAUL SIMON: RHYTHM OF THE SAINTS: 1990: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: “The cross is in the ballpark.” The follow up to Graceland- this time Simon goes to South America for his inspiration. Favorite song on this the opener The Obvious Child, Cool Cool River is also a Simon classic. Great album love those drums.


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  • MICHAEL JACKSON: THRILLER: 1982: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: What can I say about this album that hasn’t already been said? When you think of the 1980’s this has to come to mind pretty quickly. Ranking the songs in order of greatness 1- Billie Jean  2- Beat It  3- Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ 4- Thriller 5- PYT Pretty Young Thing 6- Human Nature 7- Baby Be Mine  8- The Girl Is Mine 9-The Lady In My Life.


Mostly cream album cover with black-and-white image of tall, bearded gentleman holding a snow globe in front of a blonde, cape-wearing woman. In the top right-hand corner, it is captioned "FLEETWOOD MAC" and "RUMOURS" below it.

  • FLEETWOOD MAC: RUMOURS: 1977: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Another iconic album. Ranking the songs in order of greatness 1-Go Your Own Way 2- Don’t Stop 3- Dreams 4-The Chain 5- You Make Loving Fun 6-Second Hand News 7-I Don’t Wanna Know 8- Never Going Back Again 9-Songbird 10- Oh Daddy 11- Gold Dust Woman.


    • I can’t disagree with you at all on that one- I should have ranked them all in order of how I like them but even the one at the end would be a great song.

    • I don’t think there is a bad song in the bunch- it was hard ranking the songs on that album. Thriller it was easy- the two last songs i don’t like– Billie Jean is a stone cold classic… I still can’t believe they are touring without Buckingham.. he is all over that album.

    • Buckingham is a favorite of mine. He has his own style with his fingerpicking. I do remember you could not go anywhere without hearing something off of Thriller… anywhere…

    • I have all of Buckingham’s solo albums. I don’t have any of the others solo albums. A friend of mine is going to go see Fleetwood Mac just to see Neil Finn. I told him I think he is in for a disappointment if that is his reasoning. It’s not going to be a Crowded House concert.

    • It’s funny because I was happy for Mike Campbell because I do like his playing. I like Neil Finn also but I agree… they will stick to Mac songs…. you know what I thought would be great is to pull Peter Green back and do that reunion… if he is well enough… but it probably wouldn’t be commercial enough. I would go…

    • Yes Mike Campbell is top notch- he can do the guitar parts without question.. Neil they will probably let play “Don’t Dream It’s Over”… I don’t think they’d go the Green route- again who knows if he would be capable of doing it–but the key is making $$$$$$$ and I don’t think that would draw fans. The people who will be going are the mid 70’s fans onward.. I was kind of let down being a Crowded House / Neil fan to see him doing this- I think he’s slumming… but I can understand because he will probably make more on this tour than he has ever before.

  1. No they wouldn’t go the Green route but I wouldn’t mind. I just recently started to listen to his stuff… this is nothing new but man was he good…You are right he will make more with Fleetwood Mac no doubt. Crowded House was great especially coming out of the 80s with that sound.

    • My first thought was no Crowded House for the next couple years but really- the last album and tour was 2010 so it was probably unlikely anyway. I may have been interested in a full Mac reunion but without Buckingham I am not. He was such a huge part of that band.

    • Like you mentioned before his stamp is all over that group and all they will do is to reduplicate the licks. It’s hard to jam on Go Your Own Way…you have to play it and most of them as is…

    • No but I thought that would be the reason they got Finn. If they didn’t do Buckingham songs that would eat into a large portion of repertoire… what did they do before in the late 80s with those two other guitar players?

    • You are probably right. I told me friend who is a big Crowded House fan- not so much of a Fleetwood Mac fan- “Would you want to go see Crowded House- and have someone else other than Neil Finn singing the songs? He said “NO”

  2. That is exactly it…It starts turning slowly into a tribute band. I have a friend who loves Fleetwood Mac and he refuses to see them without Buckingham but he loves Crowded House. He still will not see them.

    • I am not a fan of Journey’s but of course every Journey song I’ve ever heard- had Steve Perry singing… If I were a Journey fan – I don’t care how much the new guy can sound like Steve Perry- he’s not Steve Perry. What groups were successful after changing singers? Van Halen with Diamond Dave to Sammy didn’t miss a beat– I am trying to think of others I am sure there are.

  3. That’s a great question… the only ones that come to mind besides Van Halen…and I’m not an expert on these guys but didn’t Deep Purple and Black Sabbath keep some kind of success when they changed?

    • Sabbath replaced Ozzie with Dio and kept on going… Deep Purple I think made a few changes but I know nothing about them really. Never a fan.

  4. I never knew much about them either. I’m with you on Journey… They got worse when they got successful to me. The Greg Rollie days I can listen to but that’s about it. I like Lights and some from that period.

    • Ha! That shows how little I know about Journey- I thought it was always Steve Perry singing on all those songs. I think the only song of theirs I really love is “Don’t Stop Believin’ and that is due to it being played at the end of the last Sopranos episode!

  5. You only hear Greg Rollie a few times…in a song called Just The Same Way and a few others… I think he was the original lead singer because he came over from Santana with the guitar player… I know this because my cousin is a huge fan… I just don’t get into them.

    • I know their only because I listened to the radio a lot back in those days . I was always disappointed when Sherry didn’t marry Steve.. Sherry Perry.. oh well. Interesting how inactive Perry has been for the last 30 plus years.

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