AMERICAN TOP 40- MAY 15, 1971

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This Saturday’s repeat of American Top 40 on 70s on 7 the Top 40 show that aired the week of May 15, 1971. A weird mix in the 40 this week. Some great classics that have stood the test of time and some real garbage. John, Paul and Ringo were all in the Top 20. Also a couple Beatles covers- Stevie Wonder- We Can Work It Out and Richie Havens- Here Comes The Sun. My grades for each song at the end.

1 1 JOY TO THE WORLD –•– Three Dog Night (Dunhill)-10 (5 weeks at #1) (1)  B-
2 2 NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE –•– Jackson 5 (Motown)-7 (2) B
3 3 PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND –•– Ocean (Kama Sutra)-10 (2) B
4 5 IF –•– Bread (Elektra)-8 (4) D
5 10 ME AND YOU AND A DOG NAMED BOO –•– Lobo (Big Tree)-7 (5)  B
6 13 BROWN SUGAR –•– The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones)-3 (6)  A+
7 8 BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER / BRAND NEW ME –•– Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)-5 (7) B
8 7 STAY AWHILE –•– The Bells (Polydor)-11 (7)  D
9 4 I AM…I SAID / DONE TOO SOON –•– Neil Diamond (Uni)-8 (4)  A-
10 9 CHICK-A-BOOM (Don’t Ya Jes’ Love It) –•– Daddy Dewdrop (Sunflower)-11 (9)  C

11 12 LOVE HER MADLY –•– The Doors (Elektra)-6 (11)  B
12 18 WANT ADS –•– The Honey Cone (Hot Wax)-6 (12)  B
13 24 IT DON’T COME EASY –•– Ringo Starr (Apple)-3 (13)  A+
14 16 SWEET AND INNOCENT –•– Donny Osmond of the Osmonds (MGM)-8 (14) D-
15 11 POWER TO THE PEOPLE –•– John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band (Apple)-7 (11) A
16 6 WHAT’S GOING ON –•– Marvin Gaye (Tamla)-13 (2)  A+
17 25 HERE COMES THE SUN –•– Richie Havens (Stormy Forest)-9 (17)  A
18 21 I DON’T BLAME YOU AT ALL –•– Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Tamla)-9 (18) B
19 17 TIMOTHY –•– The Buoys (Scepter)-14 (17)  C
20 14 ANOTHER DAY / OH WOMAN OH WHY –•– Paul McCartney (Apple)-11 (5) B+

21 19 WE CAN WORK IT OUT / NEVER DREAMED YOU’D LEAVE IN SUMMER –•– Stevie Wonder (Tamla)-10 (13)  A
22 22 I LOVE YOU FOR ALL SEASONS –•– The Fuzz (Calla)-17 (22) C+
23 15 JUST MY IMAGINATION (Running Away With Me) –•– The Temptations (Gordy)-15 (1)  A
24 27 SUPERSTAR –•– Murray Head and the Trinidad Singers (Decca)-25 (24)  C-
25 28 I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM –•– Helen Reddy (Capitol)-13 (25)  C-
26 33 TOAST AND MARMALADE FOR TEA –•– Tin Tin (Atco)-7 (26)  B-
27 30 RIGHT ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE –•– Brenda and the Tabulations (Top & Bottom)-7 (27)  B
28 20 ONE TOKE OVER THE LINE –•– Brewer and Shipley (Kama Sutra)-14 (10) A-
29 38 (For God’s Sake) GIVE MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE –•– The Chi-Lites (Brunswick)-6 (29)  A
30 45 TREAT HER LIKE A LADY –•– Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose (United Artists)-6 (30)  B

31 43 REACH OUT I’LL BE THERE –•– Diana Ross (Motown)-3 (31)  C
32 41 DON’T KNOCK MY LOVE (Part 1) –•– Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)-4 (32)  B
33 69 I’LL MEET YOU HALFWAY –•– The Partridge Family (Starring Shirley Jones and Featuring David Cassidy) (Bell)-2 (33)  D
34 36 WOODSTOCK –•– Matthews’ Southern Comfort (Decca)-11 (34)  C
35 44 COOL AID –•– Paul Humphrey and His Cool Aid Chemists (Lizard)-10 (35)  B
36 39 ME AND MY ARROW –•– Nilsson (RCA)-9 (36) A
37 47 BOOTY BUTT –•– The Ray Charles Orchestra (Tangerine)-9 (37)  B
38 35 BABY LET ME KISS YOU –•– King Floyd (Chimneyville)-10 (29) B-
39 50 THE DRUM –•– Bobby Sherman (Metromedia)-3 (39)   D
40 37 BATTLE HYMN OF LT. CALLEY –•– C Company Featuring Terry Nelson (Plantation)-4 (37)  F it’s hard to believe now that anyone actually supported this stone cold killer.




26 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40- MAY 15, 1971

  1. Man, it’s truly amazing to see how much great music was in the mainstream at the time. Today, there probably isn’t even one song in the charts I would consider decent. It all tends to sound generic with zero soul!

    • My wife and I were talking about that- I looked at today’s top 40 and I think I’ve only heard one song on it and that was by accident. I don’t think I am missing much.

  2. Brown Sugar and Me and You and a Dog named Boo… Right with each other… My love for that decade will never end.

  3. It’s one of those songs like “Brand New Key” that’s hard to get out. What a variety of music… One Toke over the Line has been in mine since I read it.

    • I do like the variety of music even if there are songs I don’t care for it is at the least interesting. I wish we had that variety in today’s world.

  4. Yes… even in everyday life. Cars, houses, and clothes were different. Now everything looks and sounds the same. I can’t tell one car from another now. Geez, I sound like a Get out of my yard kinda guy…I’m not though it’s just what I see…

    • No it’s the truth. I can’t see the cars of recent decades ever being at some classic car show.. boring. Everything does seem the same.

  5. I noticed that right after the 1980s it started to become the same…I have a music room where I have an orange fuzzy Chaise Lounge Chair and other seventies objects…I feel at home there. Of course, the wife wouldn’t go for it in the living room.

  6. There might be a new app for it… it is for everything else!
    By the way, you have combined my favorite interests… Baseball and Music into the best blog/source I’ve seen. I enjoy it every day. I don’t see how you have the quantity and quality.

    • Thank you. I am enjoying your blog also- there have been times I have read something and thought do I have another blog out there that I am doing in my sleep or something?

  7. Thank you…I just try to bring up things that have been in the closet and I would like people to know about them…so mine is not as focused. I’m still learning how to do it. I’m an IT Director in the real world which is ironic because I enjoyed life better when it wasn’t as much technology.

    • The technology is both good and bad I guess nearly everything has its good and bad parts to it. I was talking to someone the other day about how I would have to go buy a newspaper to get the baseball box scores- or even find out what happened in a game. Now- it’s right there as it happens. I do fantasy sports and used to have to add up all the stats and figure them out… it wasn’t THAT long ago…

  8. Medically technology has saved a lot of lives. Here I am saying what I just said and I’m typing on a laptop in my living room. What I was referring to more was regular conversation can be a lost art. I see people in a daze at work because they are constantly on their phones. I made our helpdesk to actually talk to people instead of sending 10 emails back and forth…

    • Yes I agree with what you are saying- the phones.. you see people out together say eating dinner and they are on their phones they can’t put them down. I see how some kids today seem to have problems in actual face to face communication- its the phones… Dad what did you do during your summers whenever you were a kid? I texted my friends.. I don’t think that is the answer they really want to give someday… we’d be better off without the texting i believe.

  9. You are right. I’ve hired some younger people and they really have trouble with face to face communications…even telephone conversations. The big thing I think they missed is the exploring part. I would guess you had a bike and explored your neighborhood or a little further and gained some life experience. It sounds trivial but it was a big part of my development and that is something they missed.

    • Exactly. I rarely see kids out and about today on bikes or doing stuff outside. Are they at home playing video games and texting, watching television? I feel sorry for them. I don’t see where doing those things constantly would be much fun. Kids today also seem to have trouble organizing games- they seem to rely on an adult to do it. I played organized baseball but some of my favorite times were just a bunch of us meeting at the ballfield and picking up sides and playing without adults around… ballfields around here are empty now unless there is a team practice or game.

  10. I remember snow on the ground and us playing baseball…and of course football. Sadly the interest is not there maybe because of the video games and an infinite number of channels etc…?
    In high school, my friend and I started a band. We would play at the High School theater, parties, and the gym and there were at least 8-10 bands from our high school alone. I asked my son how many bands they have now… of course, the answer was none.

    • I haven’t heard of kids having bands either- for years and years. I remember when I started teaching back in the 80’s there would be kids with groups and they seemed to be having fun with it. In the last decade or so that I taught I can only think of one boy who was doing his own thing and wanted to be a folk singer. Other than that… nothing at all.

  11. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. We still get together in my garage and have a ball. We ended up playing around Nashville and once at a women’s prison… now that was the one time I felt like a Beatle. These women were going nuts over this entertainment and a guard was pointing out different ones saying….that one cut up her husband etc….We played for years after and the life lessons I learned were incredible. Not all were good but not all bad…

    • That is great. Sounds like a lot of fun. Now you know how Johnny Cash felt playing those prisons! A couple years ago as part of a chess tournament- we went to a local prison and played a tournament with the inmates who were in their prison chess club. i remembered some of their names and when I got home and did some research- it seemed like the ones who were the nicest guys at the tournament were in for the worst of crimes… walked into a store-shot and killed a man etc.. .. maybe I should have let him win that match we had!

  12. That is funny! You just never know. Some of the nicest people that I met when I played music out was motorcycle gangs…I was nervous but they treated us great.

  13. I still remember Ringo breaking in with that fresh sound, and the Stones with that great song, relieved the boredom of a top forty that was a lot of schmaltz. I find I am in so much agreement with your grades too.

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