The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Help!”


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The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Help!” “Help! was the title track of The Beatles second movie and of the soundtrack album. It was their  5th album and the first of two albums that they would release in the year 1965. The song “Help!” was written by John Lennon. This was a song he was writing for the movie but it turned out to be what he would call one of his most personal songs. Once he said the only true songs he wrote were “Help!” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” that he wrote those from experience. This was a period of time John would call his “Fat Elvis” period. John was 25 at the time he wrote the song. A lot had happened in the past couple years to him and the boys. Ringo would later say that the only four people who knew what it was like were…

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8 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Help!”

  1. The Beatles were about quality. Their albums of course but usually there wasn’t the usual throwaway track on the B side. You would get two “A” sides most of the time… I’m Down is a great song on its own.

    • It is amazing to me the songs that were released as singles – the A and B sides that were not put on the albums. The albums now the Past Masters I and II. Imagine if Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane had been on Sgt. Pepper… Paperback Writer and Rain on Revolver. Rain is one of my favorite songs and it was a B side!!

  2. Oh, I love Rain also… the drums and bass are just great. Revolver is already untouchable but you make a good point… That is the time frame… what great additions…To me, Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane is the greatest single ever.
    I know why they did it but it makes me mad that Capital records would cut up their albums…or we should say… “butcher” them until Sgt Peppers.

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