The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Ticket To Ride”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is”Ticket To Ride.” “Ticket To Ride” was the first Beatles song released in the year 1965- another banner year for The Beatles. “Ticket To Ride” was the A-side of the single-the b-side was “Yes It Is.” “Ticket To Ride” would hit #1 in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The song was written by John Lennon-who was continuing his hot streak of songwriting from 1964 where he was the dominate Beatles. John would claim this as one of the first heavy-metal records ever made. John would also say that Paul’s contribution to the song was the way Ringo played the drums. The song was originally intended for a Beatles movie follow up to “A Hard Day’s Night” called “Eight Arms To Hold You’ which eventually became “Help.” This record sounds great. This song was the stepping stone to the 1966 classic album “Revolver” It would…

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