The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Mr. Moonlight”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Mr. Moonlight.” “Mr. Moonlight” is on the album “Beatles For Sale.” This is a cover of a song written by Roy Lee Johnson. This is an example of why those around The Beatles should have given them some time to rest between albums. After writing all the songs for “A Hard Day’s Night” earlier in the year they wanted more product from The Beatles before the end of 1964. On “Beatles For Sale” they didn’t have enough material written for a new album so they went and covered  six songs to fill in the 14 album cuts needed. They had released “A Hard Day’s Night” only two months before they began recording “Beatles For Sale.” The album cover of “Beatles For Sale” tells the story. The Beatles look so tired. As I asked in an earlier post-did any of them get any sleep…

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  1. There are some early Beatles tracks that are so-so, but were great when they did them in Germany “before they was.” Mr. Moonlight was never good, not at the Star Club in ’62 and not on Beatles For Sale. Honestly, if they’d left out the church organ it might’ve been o.k.

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