The Beatles Song Of The Day: “She’s A Woman”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “She’s A Woman.” “She’s A Woman” is the b-side to The Beatles “I Feel Fine.” Written by Paul McCartney the song peaked at #4 on the American  Top 100 charts. Some say that Paul wrote this song on the spot in the studio. The most memorable thing in this song is the bass guitar playing and the volume of that bass guitar played by one Paul McCartney. The Beatles also thought it was funny that they snuck the line ‘turns me on’ past the censors. Paul sang the song in the high pitched Little Richard like scream he would use on a number of recordings. The Beatles would play this in concerts in 1964-65. It was a good uptempo number to play after playing a slower song. John Lennon: rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: vocal, bass guitar and piano/ George Harrison: lead guitar/ Ringo…

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