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  • LEONARD COHEN: YOU WANT IT DARKER: 2016: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Released just 19 days before his death. Like David Bowie whose final album was released a couple days before his passing Cohen had kept his failing health kind of quiet- both deaths came as a shock to me. Both went out on great final albums dealing in many ways with death. It was really good to see Leonard Cohen’s comeback in the final decade of his life- a lot of touring before loving audience and three excellent studio albums- along with my favorite Cohen album- the double live- Live In London- where he never sounded better.


  • THE BODEANS: LOVE AND HOPE AND SEX AND DREAMS: 1986: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Debut album [the title of the album comes from lyrics of The Rolling Stones “Shattered.”} of the Wisconsin roots rock band- over thirty years later they are still active. My brother turned me on to this album shortly after it was released and it has been a favorite over the years. Favorite tracks-She’s A Runaway, Still The Night, Rickshaw Riding, Angels, Misery- really not a poor cut on the album.


The Definitive Collection

  • BING CROSBY: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION: 2006: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: During his 50 years plus career Bing recorded over 2000 songs. It seems odd to me how quickly he seems to have faded from memory. He was huge in his day- maybe the problem is- most of Bing’s fans during his hey-day are now dead? I don’t know. When his name comes up the first thing people seem to mention are his parental skills not his records or his movies. Maybe it was because the peak of his career was before television? He has been dead now over forty years. I think a Sinatra for example who has been dead twenty years is going to continue to fare better as the years go compared to Bing. He seems old fashioned where Sinatra always seemed and still seems hip.  This is an enjoyable album of twenty-two of Bing’s best known songs from 1931- to 1956.This was his time at Decca.  Bing was a favorite over the years of many people ranging from Charles Manson to John Lennon- and a huge influence on generations of singers. It’s a shame to see his music and memory fade.


Elvis 30hits.jpg

  • ELVIS PRESLEY: ELVIS 30 #1 HITS: 2002: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Hard not to give this 5 stars- the title may be stretching the truth a bit-it used all the charts not just Billboard. Either way this collection has most of Elvis Presley’s most well known songs that you’ve probably heard a million times. My favorite Elvis is the Sun Records Elvis- none of those songs are represented here. It starts at Heartbreak Hotel and goes to in order to Way Down.


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