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  • TOWNES VAN ZANDT: A FAR CRY FROM DEAD: 1999: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: A  posthumous collection from the legendary singer-songwriter who was a bigger influence on other songwriters than he was a record seller. This is a collection of new versions of some of Townes best songs and two unreleased songs. Townes had died two years earlier on New Year’s Day 1997 at the age of 52. This is a well produced album and covers some of his most familiar songs including his most widely known “Pancho And Lefty.” His best albums for some reason seem to have been his live albums.

  • THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: THE HANGMAN’S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER: 1968: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: Yesterday the package of cd’s from The Incredible String Band arrived- a pretty good deal 5 cd’s for $10. This is my third listen to this album and the thing that still stands out to me are all the different instruments used on the album- and the singing. I have yet to really give a close listen to the lyrics but this is a great sounding album. This is an album I need to continue to dig deeper into. A lot going on there.

Yesterday evening I listed to the latest episode of Sound Opinions- today I listened to two more episodes- Episode 645 which mostly consisted of an interview with a band I have never heard or heard of-The Regrettes. They didn’t sound bad I may have to check them out. The other Episode #644 was much more interesting it was an hour dissection of the great album by The Rolling  Stones “Exile On Main Street”- my favorite Stones album and from what critics Jim DiRogatis and Greg Kott were saying it is theirs also. It went into the making of the album and discussion of some of the songs, what the Stones were going through at that time, etc. Also at the end they discuss artists and albums that Exile On Main Street have influenced over the years.  Every once in a while DiRogatis and Kott will do this- take an album and dissect it- that is always a program worth listening to no matter what classic album they choose.



  1. I am also recently getting into THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND — I always knew this band existed but never really took the time to really listen. I think if I had listened , this may have been a band I would have really been into. This album is great. If you like this — I recommend STEELEYE SPAN and COMUS — If you are not already familiar with these bands

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