The Beatles Song Of The Day: “I Wanna Be Your Man”


The Beatles Song of the Day is “I Wanna Be Your Man” from The Beatles second album “With The Beatles.” The song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and given to a new upstarting band The Rolling Stones. The Beatles would record it-giving it to Ringo to sing. John Lennon: backing vocal, rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: backing vocal and bass guitar/ George Harrison: Lead guitar/ Ringo Starr: double-tracked vocal, drums and maracas/ George Martin: Hammond organ. The song was recorded on September 11th, 12th and October 3rd and 23rd, 1963 at Abbey Road. Producer: George Martin.

Rating “I Wanna Be Your Man” 1 to 5 stars  **1/2

  • John would later comment that he viewed the song as a ‘throwaway’ which is why they gave it to The Rollilng Stones. He said they weren’t going to give away anything that was great.
  • “I Wanna Be Your Man’ did not…

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