The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Do You Want To Know A Secret”


The Beatles Song of the Day is “Do You Want To Know A Secret.” The song is on The Beatles debut album “Please Please Me.” John Lennon wrote this song to give George Harrison a song to sing on the album. John Lennon: rhythm guitar and backing vocal/ Paul McCartney: Bass guitar and backing vocal/ George Harrison: lead guitar and lead vocal/ Ringo Starr: Drums. The song was recorded at Abbey Road on February 11th, 1963. Producer: George Martin. John said he got the idea for the song from an old Disney tune, probably “Wishing Well” from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This was not an inspired record. George doesn’t sing it very well and the recording was poorly done. John Lennon said later that he gave the song to Harrison because “it only had three notes and he wasn’t the best singer in the world. He has improved…

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