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#790 ” Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad About My Baby- The Cookies 1963 Dimension  Billboard #7 The Cookies are best remembered for “Chains” a Top 40 hit in 1962 for them which was later covered by The Beatles. The original 1950’s line-up later became the Raelettes- Ray Charles back up group. The 1960’s line up also sang back up on a number of hits including The Loco-Motion. This is a good, catchy song written by the team of Goffin and King. Nice song but not on my 1001 list. I had never heard this song before-that I am aware of.

#789-“The Cold Hard Facts Of Life-” Porter Wagoner- 1967- RCA Did Not Make Pop Chart. Written by Whisperin’ Bill Anderson. I remember spending many weekends at my grandparents house in the late 60’s-early 70’s and on Saturday night there was alwys Porter Wagoner’s show on tv with Miss Dolly Parton. This is a good country and western murder ballad- I have heard this song before- good song not on my 1001.

#788- “Love Will Tear Us Apart”- Joy Division 1980- Factory- Did Not Make Pop Chart. Easily on my 1001 list and most likely in my Hot 100. I had read about this song long before I heard it. Couldn’t find any Joy Division for years in my neck of the woods. The first version of the song I heard was by Paul Young- well the original is the one. Joy Division’s – and Ian Curtis’s life was short but they had a great impact and influence on music to come. Curtis’s pain was real. He hanged himself two months before this single was released. It was Joy Division’s highest charting single ever in the UK. In listening to Joy Division’s catalog it’s hard to believe they didn’t have a lot more chart success than they did. Maybe they were just ahead of their times. They never cracked the Hot 100 in the US.

#787-“Borderline”- Madonna 1984- Sire Billboard #10. Madonna like her act or not- put out some great singles in the 1980’s to early 1990’s- and “Borderline” is probably my all time favorite Madonna single. Was Madonna the greatest singles artist of the 1980s? This song would without question be on my 1001 list. Classic.

#786-  “Baby, I Love You-“- The Ronettes 1963 Philies Billboard #24. Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound at work. The Ronettes were Phil’s most famous creation- they had a string of hits- including “Be My Baby” which would be on my 1001 list- this is a great record but would probably fall short of my 1001. A number of Phil Spector’s song would make it though.

#785-  “Just Out Of Reach [ Of My Two Open Arms}- Solomon Burke  1961- Atlantic Billboard #24. Burke put 26 singles onto the Hot 100 chart but strangely only had 5ive reach the top 40- this was his first ever hit and second most successful pop single- “Got To Get You Off My Mind” was his biggest hit reaching #22. I had heard this before- I have one of Burke’s best of packages. A fine record but not on my 1001.

#784-“Happy X Mas [War Is Over} -John Lennon and Yoko Ono 1971- Apple  Did Not Make Pop Chart. Produced by John and Yoko- and Phil Spector. A song I look forward to hearing every Christmas season- most Christmas songs I do not look forward to hearing. Good record but I wouldn’t put it on my 1001 greatest singles/songs.

#783-“Crackin’ Up”- The Gants- 1966- Liberty Did Not Make Pop Charts- written by Elias McDaniel- aka Bo Diddley.  I had never heard this song- its a good record but I wouldn’t consider it for my 1001 list. Marsh says it is better than Diddley’s original – i don’t know I haven’t heard the original.

#782-“Across The Street”- Lenny O’Henry- 1964- Atco- Billboard #98. Written by Bob Crewe and Charles Calello- who produced and arranged songs for the Four Seasons. I can’t stand The Four Seasons and I don’t care for this. I had never heard it before today.

#781-“Free Nelson Mandela”- Special  AKA- 1984- Chrysalis- Did Not Make Pop Chart.  Produced by my man Elvis Costello. A great record that came out of the British Ska revival in the early 80’s. I bought The Specials first album because of the Declan MacManus association and when this song came out I recall hearing it somewhere.  Free Nelson Mandela reached #6 on the UK singles chart. I don’t know if it would make my 1001 but “A Message To Rudy” will.

#780- “Games People Play”- Joe South-  1969- Capitol  Billboard #12 Joe South was a well sought after session musician in the 1960’s before starting a solo career in the late 1960’s. He would have two top 40 hits himself- “Games People Play” and “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”- both reached #12. He also wrote songs that would be hits for others- “Rose Garden” became a huge country hit for Lynn Anderson, Hush was a big hit on the pop charts for Deep Purple, among others. South won three Grammy’s – and from what I have read -winning those Grammy’s effected him- he felt he now had to deliver and he said it made it hard for him to write. Later his brother who was the drummer in his band committed suicide- and South understandably had problems dealing with that tragedy. and not much more was heard from him. Marsh calls “Games People Play” an answer song to “Dock Of The Bay.” I listened to South’s debut album and most heralded album “Introspect” yesterday -his songs sound as relevant today as they did when they came out fifty years ago. Yes, Games People Play would make my 1001 singles list.


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