The Beatles Song Of The Day “Anna {Go To Him}


Today’s Beatles Song of the Day is “Anna {Go To Him} which is the third song on their debut album “Please Please Me” Eight of the fourteen songs on the album are Lennon-McCartney tunes this song is one of the six cover songs that they put on this album. “Anna” was written by a black singer from Alabama Arthur Alexander. John Lennon was a big fan of this song and he would sing the song on this album. Arthur Alexander was the same age as Lennon but his version sounds like a much older , mature  and more worldwise man singing it. Alexander’s original outshines The Beatles version. Which is  not to say that The Beatles didn’t make some outstanding covers. “Twist and Shout” would be the greatest Beatle song of them covering another artists song.

John Lennon:vocal, acoustic rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney:backing vocal and bass/ George Harrison:backing vocal and lead…

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