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#849- “Sixty Minute Man’- Billy Ward and the Dominoes 1951 Federal Billboard #17. This was certainly a racy sounding song when it was released in 1951- but that didn’t stop it from being #1 for 17 weeks on the Billboard R&B chart.  When I hear the song I am reminded of its inclusion in one of my favorite baseball movies “Bull Durham.” Good song but not on my 1001.

#848- “Black Magic Woman’- Santana 1970- Columbia Billboard #4. Written and performed first by Peter Green from the original Fleetwood Mac. Santana is one of those artists that if one of his songs come on the radio I won’t turn it off but I have never owned a Santana album or even considered buying one. Yes, I recognize his talent, just not blown away by it. Same with this song, I’ve heard it hundreds of times and I like it but consider it just another pretty good song. Not on my 1001 greatest list.

#847- “Bye Bye Johnny”-Chuck Berry 1960 Chess  Did Not Make Pop Chart. Another song in the Johnny B. Goode saga. How many great songs did Chuck Berry write in the 50’s and early 60’s? Which ones would I include in my 1001 Greatest Singles list? This one while outstanding- probably wouldn’t make the cut. So many great Chuck singles!

#846- “Come And Get Your Love”- Redbone  1974- Epic Billboard #5.  The Vegas brothers-Native Americans were encouraged to form a band by another performer who had some Native American blood in him – a fellow named Jimi Hendrix.  Love this song and the “Heeey heeey” hook. This would be Redbone’s biggest hit- they had previously had one other Top 40 hit, 1971’s “The Witch Queen of New Orleans.” This song would be included in my 1001 Greatest singles.

#845 -“Rumors”-Timex Social Club 1986 Jay Billboard #8. A hit song about gossip. Michael, Tina and Susan are names dropped in this. Michael of course was Jackson, Tina was Turner… anyone remember who Susan was? Susan Anton- when was the last time you heard that name or Tina Turner’s as far as that goes. It was a good song on the radio to me at the time- and it would be the only single by the Timex Social Club to ever crack the Hot 100. Not on my list.

#844-“Just To Be With You”- The Passions-1959- Audicon Billboard #69. A doo-wop song. The most interesting thing about this song to me is The Passions got this song from a demo by the Cousins. The cousins were two teenagers named Paul Simon and Carole King. Marsh really likes this song, it doesn’t nothing for me.

#843-“Never Can Say Goodbye”- Gloria Gaynor 1974- MGM Billboard #9. Gaynor was the first disco diva. Her only Top 40 hits were memorable ones- this one and the #1 “I Will Survive.” I like this single but I doubt it would crack my 1001 greatest.

#842-“Let’s Work Together-Wilbert Harrison 1969  Sue Billboard #32 Harrison had a number one hit in 1959- “Kansas City” later covered by The Beatles- and it was ten years before he appeared on the chart again with this song. The versions of the song I have been more familiar with are the Bob Dylan and Canned Heat covers. I don’t know If I had ever heard Harrison’s original before or not. Not in my 1001 greatest but a fine record.

#841 “Come Go With Me’- The Del-Vikings 1957- Billboard #4  A song that makes a lot of movie soundtracks- notably “Stand By Me”, “Diner” and “American Graffiti.” The Del-Vikings are usually identified as a Pittsburgh group but the members weren’t from Pittsburgh but stationed at a Pittsburgh area Air Force base. I like the song but it wouldn’t make my 1001. A lot of doo-wop songs fit that category to me- I like them but not love them. Maybe I should spend a couple months listening to only my Doo-Wop box sets.



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