The Beatles Song Of The Day:”I Saw Her Standing There”


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“I Saw Her Standing There” was the opening song on the debut album by The Beatles “Please Please Me” On this song- PAUL- Lead Vocal and Bass  /JOHN-Rhythm Guitar and Harmony Vocal/George- Lead Guitar/ Ringo-Drums. Produced by George Martin.

A great opening track to the album with Paul doing the countdown “One-two-three-faw” This was a popular song for The Beatles in concert. A great rock and roll song. A ‘potboiler’ as George Martin would call it. It was also one of the six songs The Beatles performed during their second appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show”

Ranking “I Saw Her Standing There” on a scale of one -to five stars ***** a classic.

  • The original title for “I Saw Her Standing There” was “Seventeen”
  • The song was inspired by Paul’s girlfriend at the time a dancer Iris Caldwell, who was the sister of Rory Storm. Ringo Starr had been the drummer for Rory Storm and The Hurricanes…

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3 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day:”I Saw Her Standing There”

  1. That was the time when we pressed “Satisfaction” or “I Saw Here Standing There” in the cafe at the jukebox – will there ever come such a kind of grace into the world again?

  2. One of my favorite early Beatles tunes! I would even go as far as saying it’s the standout among the Beatles-written songs on the “Please Please Me” album!

    All those crazy nights in Hamburg during the Beatles residency there before they became famous really paid off big time. That’s where they truly learned how to play rock & roll!

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