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#880- “The Boiler’ -Rhoda with the Special A.K.A.  1982- 2 Tone- Did Not Make Pop Chart.  An interesting but harrowing ska song. I had never heard it before this listen and well it won’t be in my heavy rotation. Not to say that it isn’t well done etc. Not on my 1001.

#879- “So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N Roll Star’- The Byrds 1967- Columbia Billboard #29. I am a big fan of The Byrds and this song would be among my favorite singles by them. Towards the end of their run as hit makers- they would only have one more Top 40 hit after this. I also love Tom Petty’s version of a couple decades later. Would make my 1001 list.

#878-  “Don’t Give Up- Peter Gabriel with Kate Bush 1987- Geffen  Billboard #72. The big hit from Gabriel’s “So” album was “Sledgehammer” but this is one of the handful of songs from that album which I like better. Deserved to be a hit. Kate Bush is a fantastic singer in her own right- she makes the song great in my opinion. Not that much of a fan of Genesis but I love Peter Gabriel’s- 70’s to early 90’s solo albums. A few Gabriel songs would make my 1001 list- this one most likely would be one of them. “Solsbury Hill” would be very high on my list.

#877- “Laugh, Laugh”- The Beau Brummels- 1965. Autumn  Billboard #15. Produced by a then unknown named Sly Stone. One of those songs I didn’t know by the title but once I heard it- I knew that I had heard it before years ago. The Beau Brummels were from the San Francisco area but this sound has the Mersey beat down well. I like this one a lot but I probably wouldn’t include it in my 1001 greatest singles.

#876-“That’s Where It’s At- Sam Cooke- 1964- RCA Billboard #93. Not one of Cooke’s more well known songs and it barely make the charts. A b-side released posthumously, the a-side was the forgettable “Cousin of Mine.” Sam Cooke is one of my favorite singers. This is another great if mostly forgotten Cooke classic- one you won’t hear on the radio. Like Gabriel at #978- a number of Cooke songs will make my 1001- this one probably wouldn’t but it’s a fine work.

#875- “Book Of Love”- The Monotones- 1958- Argo Billboard #5. One of the most recognizable doo-wop songs from the 1950’s. One of those songs that is stuck in your head probably the first time you ever heard it. This would be the only single that The Monotones would put in the Hot 100. It would be on my list of 1001 greatest singles.

#874-“You Dropped A Bomb On Me”- The Gap Band- 1982- Total Experience Billboard #31. When I started to play this on my computer I heard Mrs. Postcard in the other room yell “turn it up.” I loved this song back when it was released- loved it enough to go out and buy The Gap Band cassette tape that it was on. Love the guitar riff on this. I still like this song a lot but it probably wouldn’t make my 1001 list. The Gap Band only had one other Top 40 hit- another song from this album “Early In The Morning”

#873-“Mercy Mercy Mercy”- Larry Williams and Johnny Watson- 1967- Okeh  Billboard #96. This single barely scratched the Hot 100. Williams interesting and tragic life is written about in detail by Marsh in his book- “The Heart of Rock & Soul-” He is most famous for “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” and “Bad Boy” which were covered by The Beatles. I like this song but not in my 1001.

#872-“Sing A Simple Song’- Sly and The Family Stone- 1969- Epic- Billboard #89. Another song that I just assumed was a hit but it wasn’t- it was the b-side of Sly and The Family Stones most famous song “Everyday People.” This song is a good example of the type of song that made Sly and The Family Stone so great- the musical and vocal exchanges. A number of Sly and The Family Stone songs would make my 1001 greatest singles list and no doubt this one is one of them.

#871- “Tears On My Pillow”- Little Anthony and The Imperials- 1958- End Billboard #4. This is another one of those songs that if you have been listening to music for years you have certainly heard. It was Little Anthony and The Imperials first chart appearance and their greatest hit- reaching #4. The other hit they had that you’d probably know is the fine- “Goin’ Out Of My Head”- which peaked at #6 in 1964. Very good song, I certainly like it but I wouldn’t include it in my 1001 greatest singles.

#870-“Back In My Arms Again”- The Supremes  1965 Motown- Billboard #1. I can’t exactly put my finger on why -but The Supremes were never one of my favorite Motown groups-they had a long string of great singles that were hits- and I can’t say that I don’t like most of their hits. It’s probably the whole Diana “Call Me Miss Ross” persona. In the early 1970’s Motown released 3 record anthologies on their greatest artists and I bought them all. The one I listened to the least was the one on The Supremes. To be fair though I’d have to put a few of their singles on my 1001 list- and this would be a contender. The Supremes had 12 #1 hit singles. Pretty impressive. Motown’s biggest hit makers.


  1. Kudos to your determination to listen your way through this ginormous list!

    Some great stuff in the latest installment I recognize. “So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star”, “Don’t Give Up” (dig Peter Gabriel and always liked the “So” album, even though it is quite pop-oriented) and “Back In My Arms Again” are right up my alley. I also like Sam Cooke, though I don’t recall that particular tune!

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