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#898- “San Antonio Stroll”- Tanya Tucker 1975- MCA  Did Not Make Pop Chart. A country number #1. Tanya Tucker was big in the 1970’s. I had never heard this song. What I remember most about Tanya Tucker isn’t her music, I haven’t heard much of it-but tabloid headlines. This is a good song but not 1001 worthy.

#897-“Silent Morning”- Noel 1987- 4th and Broadway Billboard #47. I had never heard this song- Marsh calls it the bleakest dance record ever made [at least up until when the book was written in 1989} Although Marsh notes that the song doesn’t mention AIDS- that it released during a point when the AIDS crisis was at its worst. Like the song but not one I’d even consider for my 1001 Greatest Singles list. “Silent Morning’ was a top 10 dance hit and the closest Noel ever came to a Top 40 hit.

#896-‘Walk This Way”- Run-D.M.C.- 1986 Profile -Billboard #4. I have always thought that Aerosmith should thank the lord for Run D.M.C. coming along and jump starting their dead career in the mid-1980’s. I agree with Marsh’s assessment of the group [Aerosmith that is} a second rate group with a first class guitarist and a third rate front man. I have never been a fan. A Rolling Stones wanna be group. There were a couple song from the 70’s that they did that weren’t bad but overall I have to agree with my friend Dale who said of their work- “They are musically in the toilet.” I think they should pay Run D.M.C. half the money they’ve made in the past thirty years.  Run D.M.C.’s version is the superior version of the song. Would it be on my 1001? It has a chance at it.

#895- “Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu”- Huey Piano Smith and The Clowns. 1957- Ace.. Billboard #52. Johnny Rivers hit #6 in 1972 with a remake of this song but the superior version is this one, the original. A New Orleans classic . Huey Smith would have one Top 40 hit- ‘Don’t You Just Know It” but I don’t know how this one missed. I’d have it under consideration for my 1001.

#894-“Breathless” Jerry Lee Lewis -1958- Sun- Billboard #7. Another great 50’s hit from “The Killer” before he went and married his 12 year old cousin. My favorite all time record label without a doubt is Sam Phillips “Sun” records and Lewis was one of Phillips last great discoveries. A number of Lewis songs would make my 1001- this would probably make the cut.

#893.-” I Only Want To Be With You’- Dusty Springfield 1964 Philips Billboard #12. As Marsh points out this song is kind of just romantic trash but Dusty Springfield puts something into it that just wins you over. I also love a slowed down version of the song that came along in the early part of this century by Shelby Lynne. This would be borderline on making my 1001- probably wouldn’t but I have always really liked it. Great pop music.

#892- “Patches”- Clarence Carter 1970- Atlantic- Billboard #4. Carter, a blind guitar player from Alabama had a handful of hits in the late 1960’s -early 70’s- this probably being his most remembered. I haven’t heard it in a long time. Like it but not 1001 greatest.

#891- “Nightshift”- The Commodores- 1985- Motown Billboard #3. The Commodores in the post-Lionel Richie era did have a little success- this was their biggest hit after Lionel left for his solo career. A tribute to dead heroes from the past- Marvin, Otis and Jackie Wilson. A nice record but nowhere near my 1001 list- and I probably would put a Commodore song or two on that list.

#890- “Overnight Sensation {Hit Record] Raspberries 1974- Capitol Billboard #18. Raspberries had a few hits in the early part of the 1970’s- “Go All The Way” was their biggest. This song was a “Hit Record” reaching #18 in 1974. Carman would leave for a moderately successful solo career the next year. I haven’t heard this song in ages- it is one I always liked. This is an ambitious record deserving of being a bigger hit than it was in my opinion. I’d have it on my 1001 list.

#889- “Hi Heel Sneakers”- Tommy Tucker- 1964- Checker  Billboard #11. An often covered song-  Stevie Wonder, The Killer Jerry Lewis, Ramsey Lewis and Jose Feliciano would cover it in later years. This would be the only hit Tucker would have. He died at age 42 of poisoning in 1982. I had never heard this version. It is the best version of the song I think but It wouldn’t be a contender for my 1001 list.

#888-“Endless Sleep-“- Jody Reynolds. 1958- Demon- Billboard #5. I had never heard this strange and creepy record before. Sounds like something that would fit in on the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack. “crying in the deep, come join me baby in my endless sleep.” No thanks. Interesting song but not in my 1001.

#887-“I Believe In You {You Believe In Me}- Johnnie Taylor- 1973- Stax- Billboard #11 Johnny Taylor had a handful of pop hits- “Whos Making Love” would hit #5 in 1968, “Disco Lady” his final big hit- was a big hit #1 in 1976.  Recorded for the legendary Stax label- this was a million seller. I haven’t heard it in years. Not on my 1001 but I do like it.

#886- “Natural High”- Bloodstone- 1973- London- Billboard #10. I haven’t heard this song since probably the 70’s. When I looked at just the title I didn’t think I knew the song but as soon as I started to play it- it all came back. They were more successful on the soul chart than on the pop chart- they only had one other minor hit- but this song was a winner. I have it under consideration for my 1001 singles.

#885-“Darling Baby”- Jackie Moore- 1972- Atlantic Billboard #22. Like “Natural High” a song I didn’t think I had ever heard until I heard it played again. The song was originally an R@B hit for The Elgins in 1966. Nice song- not on my 1001 list though.

#884-“Jailhouse Rap”- The Fat Boys- 1984- Sutra- Did Not Make Pop Charts. I can’t say I didn’t like this song -I remembered it from 30 years or so ago but I never had a desire to hear it again over the years. There are worse singles on Marsh’s 1001 list- but it wouldn’t make my list.

#883- “Love T.K.O”- Teddy Pendergrass 1980- Philadelphia International- Billboard #44. I had heard this song a couple of times before. Just missed hitting the Top 40 back in 1980. I like the song but not a single I”d put in my 1001 Greatest list.

#882- “Soul Twist– King Curtis and The Noble Knights- 1962- Enjoy  Billboard #17. King Curtis was a saxophone player for a number of people over the years- Bobby Darin, Aretha, Brook Benton, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, The Coasters among others. This was his first and biggest hit as a solo artist. An instrumental. I am a big fan of instrumentals- although I do love Booker T and the MG’s. This is a good listen but not 1001.

#881 “Rubber Biscuit”- The Chips- 1956- Josie- Did Not Make Pop Charts. The first time I heard this song was on the Blues Brothers album- for the Blues Brothers it would become a minor hit- reaching #37. After hearing that and hearing Elwood say it was by The Chips- I wanted to hear the original version. It was worth searching for- love this song and I’d put in on my list of 1001 Greatest singles. Thanks Jake and Elwood for covering it- and bringing it to my attention.