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#915- ” I Promise To Remember”- Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers: 1956: Gee Billboard #56.  I like listening to doo wop but for some reason a limited number of doo wop songs would be in my 1001. Maybe its because it was a music before my time but- I will have a lot of 1950’s songs in my 1001- Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly are two of my all time favorites- and they were before my time so.. I don’t know. This is a fine song by Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers. I had heard it before. Again not in my 1001 though.

#914- “Mother In Law”- Ernie K Doe  1961 Minit- Billboard #1. Written and produced by the late great Allen Toussaint. One of the better hits in the early 1960’s before The Beatles arrived. I’d put in on my 1001 greatest singles list.

#913-“Heart and Soul’ – The Cliftones -1961- Gee. Billboard #18. Written in 1938 by Hoogy Carmichael for the film short “I Song Is Born.” It was a much covered song over the years but I think the re-tooling on this version is the best. It is on the “American Graffiti” soundtrack- and a song I have heard many times over the years. I like the song but not 1001.

#912- “Betty and Dupree”- Chuck Willis. 1958. Atlantic Billboard #33. What I had always associated with Willis is the hit he had following “Betty and Dupree”- “What Am I Living For? He was dead at 32 by that point. I like this song a lot and Chuck Willis is one of those unsung heroes of rock and soul- but I wouldn’t put this song on my 1001. I had heard it before many times.

#911- “Hanky Panky”- Tommy James and The Shondells 1966- Roulette Billboard #1. I’ve heard this song a million times over the years and I never cared for it or for Tommy James and The Shondells. I don’t know which song I detest more this one or “Mony Mony.”

#910- “Heavy Makes You Happy {Sha Na Boom Boom} “- The Staple Singers 1971. Stax- Billboard #27. Marsh calls this song ‘bubble gum soul” and that is a good description as any. Stax is one of my favorite all time record labels and this is a fun song but I wouldn’t put it in my 1001.

#909- “Rockit”- Herbie Hancock 1983 Columbia Billboard #71. For some reason I thought this was a big hit- they sure played it enough on MTV back in the day. Jazz- Rock fusion. I liked the song but not in my 1001. When I think of this song I think of the video first. What was the last instrumental to hit #1 on the billboard chart? Of the seven songs I listened to today only one would make my list. Most wouldn’t even come close.