#925- Gee- The Crows 1954- Rama Billboard #14. Marsh and other historians put this song as one of the possibilities as the ‘first rock and roll record.” I myself will go with “Rocket 88”- by Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats [ Ike Turner.}  This is a fine record, I hard heard it before, probably not on my 1001 greatest singles list though.

#924-“Trapped By This Thing Called Love”- Denise LaSalle 1971 Westbound Billboard #13. Don’t think I had ever heard this song. A soul hit before disco came around. Her backup band was led by Willie Mitchell- the same group of fellas who backed up a fellow named Al Green. Outstanding, forgotten hit. Not in my 1001 though.

#923 “Pretend You’re Still Mine”- The Sheppards  1963- Okeh  Did Not Make Pop Chart. A late doo-wop song. Nice song, I hadn’t heard it before and it wouldn’t make my 1001.

#922- “Blue Velvet”- The Clovers- 1955- Atlantic  Did Not Make Pop Chart.. Not the awful Bobby Vinson version or the Tony Bennett version- this is the best version of the song. This version seems like another song entirely. I had heard it before. I doubt it would make my 1001-but still a great song.

#921- “The Vow’- The Flamingos- 1956- Checker  Did Not Make Chart-  Another of Marsh’s songs I had never heard before- or at least I am unaware that I did. He picked the above two songs to be played at his wedding back in the late 1970’s.  Both excellent choices for a wedding. Wouldn’t be on my 1001.

#920. “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel”- Tavares- 1976- Capitol Billboard #15. Tavares biggest and best hit from the mid-to late 70’s. A good disco-soul hit. I have heard this song many times over the years.  The song was co-written and produced by Freddie Perren who was on the production team of the early Jackson 5. I always thought the early Jackson 5 sounded like mice. I like “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” a great deal but not a 1001er.

#919 “Cowboys TO Girls”- The Intruders- 1968- Gamble – Billboard #6. To be honest I don’t know how this song made it to #6 and how Marsh selected it on his 1001 Greatest Singles Ever -list. I hadn’t heard it before and after two listens don’t care if I ever hear it again.

#918-“Reeling In The Year”- Steely Dan- 1973- ABC Billboard #11. This is the first Steely Dan song I can recall ever hearing. I am a fan of the group, I own all their albums and this is one of my favorite songs of theirs. I was in high school at the time and I could relate to the song. I had people in my mind- that I knew who I imagined the song referred to. It would be on my list of 1001 Greatest Singles.

#917- “Swinging Doors’- Merle Haggard – 1968- Capitol-  Did Not Make Pop Chart. A country hit by Merle Haggard- my favorite country artist ever. I can’t stand the garbage that passes for country music today but am a huge fan of the old stuff- Hank, Lefty- Merle- Buck, Johnny, Waylon and Willie. Merle has always been my favorite. This is a great song – and as Marsh pointed out- is probably the best Buck Owens single ever done by anyone not Buck Owens. Would be on my list of 1001- along with a number of Merle Haggard songs.

#916- “Going Back To Cali’- LL Cool J. 1988- Def Jam- Billboard #31. Co-written and produced by a young Rick Ruben. I could listen to this song endlessly. A heavy metal/ rap fusion. One of my favorite songs from the late 80’s. It would be in my top 100- 150 singles ever list without question.  Going back to Cali? I don’t think so.