two things – one is…..

alex bregman i owe you a sincere apology. sometime a few months back i wrote that you padded your stats when the game was already out of hand. hitting a homer when it was 11-2 stros already, or 7-1 after your ninth inning shot. you struggled in april and may a bit but you dug yourself out of the hole. i can say that even though your teammate george springer was world series mvp without you the astros do not win the title.

i am prepared to eat crow…do you happen to have a recipe?

second i never expected to ever hear the words of “the Houston Astros are the World Series Champions”. i am still in awe. not going to lie one bit. this is the first team that i have ever pulled for my whole life that has ever won a title. i am simply amazed. once i have calmed down i will try to write something coherent.

blessings as always.