Q’s dont bet the mortgage week 4

have to be careful this week. to quote Han Solo ‘dont get cocky kid!’ we had a pretty good week last week. lets see if we can build on that. another win, and another win and we have ourselves a little bit of a streak going. we will try to do our best there Lou Brown from Major League.

college current 9-3-3 last week 5-0

have to get in on PAC 12 after dark tonight. USC travels to Pullman to meet Wash St. i will admit i am a fan of Mike Leach. this guy cracks me up constantly and is a pretty sharp guy. would like to hear him and Marv Levy have a discussion on some of the past military conflicts – would be entertaining.

i know better than to pick this game. i need to avoid this game like the plague. but it is two ranked teams.

this one opened at 64 and the hook for the total. it has been bet down to currently 59 and the hook right now. i am pretty sure the sharps are dropping that action. i hate holding an under ticket in college. despite that, here we go.

usc wash st Under 59.5

okie state tex tech Over 84. this total just looks wrong. big east basketball has totals less than this. Big 12 no defense football in the house.

kstate -15 over baylor – probably kicking a team when they are down, but i think baylor cashed in their chips against OU last week. I dont see two good games in a row.

iowa +4 over mich state. no real reason. college games are not good this week.

colorado +7 vs ucla. this game opened colorado +4 and has been bet up to +7. i like the buffs chances with a td.

NFL season 8-7 last week 3-2

iggles at bolts -2. i think that the iggles have secondary issues and rivers should be able to throw like crazy. i think they get on the winning path this week.

raiders +3 at donkos – both teams are coming off brutal losses last week. this game opened as a pick and immediately went to donkos -3. sure it is in denver, but i think that the autumn wind blows in the pirates favor.

jax jets under 39 – jax played in london last week and faces the jets this week. i dont see a lot of scoring here.

rams +7 at crackwagon – this game depends on if Sean Lee plays or how long he plays. if he is out i think Todd Gurley has a monster day and rams win outright. rams defense can keep them in it.

lions +2 at vikings – bradford is out. i dont see case keenum having another all world day against the lions.

thats it for this week. hopefully fortune favors us. be safe and have a great weekend.