Q’s dont bet the mortgage week 3

well this week was not a good week personally. i managed to hurt my left leg pretty bad, and have been away from the desk. no computer hardly any screen time at all. just ice and waiting for the swelling to go down so we can see what i have done. for the record i do not recommend this. it was nice to confirm that i still knew how to use and support myself with crutches. ok on to this weeks games.

college – season record 4-3-3 (starting to look like a safe combination and not a pick record)

texas a&m -3 vs arky at jerry world. last few years this game has been real close and gone to overtime. sumlin is on the hot seat, bielema cant be far behind. will lay the fg and see what happens.

tcu okla st over 70. this game should look like playstation. maybe a defense makes one stop. fast break football at its finest. 70 may be done by the half.

miss st at georgia -5 – bulldawgs should handle state with ease

penn st vs iowa under 53 – classic big ten football. smash mouth low scoring affair.

rutgers +11 vs nebraska – huskers fired the AD this week. not sure what status Riley will have the remainder of the season. rutgers is not good but nebraska is not either.



chiefs vs chargers over 46.5 – both teams can put up points. chiefs have been the most exciting team so far. classic afc west game. which likely means this ends 9-3.

patriots -12 vs texans. i wonder which tv or college job guru bill o brien has his eye on. this line is not high enough. pats take care of toxins easily.

bungles +9 vs packers – pack wins but not by 9

bills +1 vs broncos – i think the bills pull the upset here

titans -1 vs seattle – i have not made up my  mind on seattle yet. this may be the last time there name is here for a while.

season 5-5

hope everyone has a fun safe weekend.



2 responses to “Q’s dont bet the mortgage week 3

  1. thank you for the well wishes. greatly appreciated. i wish i had a crystal ball. i do not think anyone will be fired during the season, but i can see indy letting go of pagano during the season.
    i was pretty sad when hue jackson took the cleveland job. i like hue and he deserved a better chance than he had previously at oakland, but choosing the browns was not a good career move. i dont see marvin lewis surviving this year if their offensive woes continue. everyone else should be ok. sean payton may not survive the season, but the saints are a victim of their own making with their creative salary cap issues.
    wish i had more.


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