Q’s Dont bet the mortgage week 2

i hope that the NFL week of football is not determined by what happens on the Thursday night games. Last week KC and NE played a pretty good game and the opening weekend was good ball. Last night was the toxins and the bungles and wowzers was that some um interesting ball. i have made no attempt to hide my disdain for Bill O’Brien. I find it amazing that first Charlie Weis was an offensive genius. then the next guy, and then Bill O’Brien. Amazingly all of these gents ‘earned’ the offensive genius/qb guru title while being the OC for the Patriots with Tom Brady at QB. Charlie Weis has been paid more to NOT coach football from Notre Dame and Kansas than he was paid to coach football.

there was a split screen shot of Marvin Lewis and Bill O’Brien last night, and i just cannot help but think i was looking at two guys that will be unemployed on Black Monday after the season if not before. Cincy is headed to Green Bay next week and likely looking at 0-3, Houston is headed to NE and likely looking at 1-2. It does not get better. But what do i know. Oh yeah i do know that even if you are down 14-0 just inside of FIVE minutes into the game qb guru and offensive genius Bill O’Brien that you are not forced to being one dimensional like you said you were against the Vikings last year. there was still 55 minutes of play left. ugh.

On to the games. Not a good week to pick games. Vega$ still figuring things out.


Going to take all sides this week – no totals

oklahoma st -13.5 with pitt. i think penn state is a fraud and they were favored by 21. they did not cover against pitt. Ok St is better i think and covers.

duke -14 vs baylor – Coach Cutcliffe has the Blue Devils slowly turning into more than just a basketball school. i will leave my comments on baylor for another time.

UL Ragin Cajuns +24 at Texas A&M – i do not think that A&M is 24 better than anyone until qb play improves.

Tennessee +5 at Florida – i hate myself for picking this game. its at the swamp and i know better than to pick tennessee on the road. but sometimes these things happen.

Clemson -3 at Louisville – tough game but i think the defending champs prevail

last week 2-2-1 season 2-2-1


Vikings at Stillers O 45. hopefully there are lots of fireworks. 6tds and a fg? surely these teams can muster that.

Pats at Saints – O 54.5 – there should be plenty of offense as both teams defenses left a lot to be desired last week. Of course since this is the NFL that means a 9-6 game. please no.

Titans -1.5 at Jax – Titans lost a tough one to the Raiders, not a surprise. Jax ripped the Toxins slight surprise. Tenn is the better team will lay one and the hook in the division game.

Zona -7 vs Indy – this line will change soon as indy has changed qbs and the new qb is not Andrew Luck. even without David Johnson Cards are a td better.

Raiders -14 vs Jets – this is stupid. teams that are this big of favorites rarely if ever cover. Winning on the road to open the season Oak comes home to open lame duck season one. I just think that the Jets are just that bad at football.

last week 2-3 season 2-3

hope everyone has a great weekend.


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