Jefferson’s Rock- Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. As a young man Thomas Jefferson vistied Harpers Ferry-which was part of Virginia at the time. He hiked up to this rock and loved the view. He would say the view from that rock was worth a trip across the Atlantic Ocean to see. It is now called of course Jefferson’s Rock. I’ve been to Harpers Ferry countless times and a hike up to Jefferson’s Rock is mandatory no matter what the weather is. There are signs not to climb on the rock but it always seems to be ignored by people. Harpers Ferry is wonderful little place to visit. It is the most visited place in West Virginia- it is not far from the Washington metro area. There is a lot of history in Harpers Ferry- John Browns raid- John Browns Fort is there- a museum on Brown and his raid, the Appalachian Trail runs through Harpers Ferry and you always seem hikers coming through, the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet- a lot of activity on the river with rafting and fishing and the like. A lot of little shops, and a Civil War battlefield. It is also located near the oldest town in West Virginia- Shepherdstown- which has a lot of shops and history- and across the river from Shepherdstown is Sharpsburg, Maryland where one of the most famous Civil War battles took place- Antietam.