julia-lennon_2677936bSome  Some people have an event in their life that they never get over. On this day – July 15, 1958 Julia Lennon the mother of John Lennon was killed when she was struck by a car not far from where 17 year old John Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi. John Lennon never got over this traumatic event.

John Lennon’s upbringing was a little complicated. His mother Julia was a very free-spirited person. Very fun loving, and impulsive and  not very responsible. Her marriage to John’s father Alf didn’t last long. Julia and Alf were a lot alike- he was a fun loving fellow who never held a job for long and would never have a stable life.  At a young age John’s Aunt Mimi Smith and Uncle George brought him into their home and raised him. For years John didn’t see his mother. In his teens he started seeing Julia again and they became close. She was more like a sister than a mother to him. Julia loved music and encouraged John’s passion for it. She taught John banjo how to play the banjo and ukulele. Julia bought John his first guitar.

On the evening of July 15, 1958 Julia was visiting her sister- John’s Aunt Mimi  at Mendips on Menlove Avenue. As she was leaving she ran into John’s friend Nigel Walley who had stopped over to see John. John wasn’t home so he walked with Julia towards the bus stop where Julia was going to get a ride home. Nigel had turned on the road where he lived and hadn’t gotten far when he heard a car screech and turned and saw Julia flying through the air. She was killed instantly from massive brain injuries. A 24 year old off duty policemen. Contrary to what John would later claim the driver was not drunk. He reported that Julia Lennon had run out in front of his car. He was going 30 MPH at the time. Julia like her son John had poor eyesight and would refused to wear glasses. It was after dark when she was hit.

John would name his son Julian after his mother. He would write one of his finest songs for her, “Julia’ on The Beatles “White Album.” He would speak of her in interviews- about how just when he was getting to know her again she was taken away.

It is hard to say how history would have been different if Julia Lennon had died. John and Paul’s friendship would be strengthened because of the fact they had both lost their mothers. In reading Mark Lewisohn’s fantastic  volume 1  of his Beatles biography “Tune In” he speculates that had Mary McCartney not died Paul’s life would most likely have taken a different path. She was on top of things and Paul’s would have probably ended up a college professor or a professional of some type. She wouldn’t have put up with his later indifference concerning school- and would not have approved at all of his association with that Lennon boy.

The picture above is the only known picture of John and Julia.