On this day in 1975 the summer blockbuster Jaws was released. It has been 42 years but I can remember very well going to see it with my family [a week before we went to the beach for ten days- maybe not a wise decision.} What a great, fun movie. I have seen it a number of times over the years- as recently as this past year and it holds up very well. Seeing it in the theater- was I the only one to jump out of my seat when Matt Hooper was down under water exploring the wreck and the partial corpse pops up and Hooper then drops the great white sharks tooth? My favorite character in the film is Quint played by Robert Shaw. Jaws was the first big hit movie directed by Steven Spielberg.

Jaws is often credited as starting the summer blockbuster- it became the highest grossing film of all time-until Star Wars came along.  Note- when we went to the beach that summer I didn’t go in the water.


3 responses to “JAWS– RELEASED ON THIS DAY IN 1975

    • I didn’t think I was alone in avoiding the water that summer. We went back to the ocean in future years and i went into the water but not in the summer of ’75.

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