Sir Paul McCartney turns 75 today. The former Beatle is still very active touring and releasing new albums on a fairly regular basis. I can’t think of many who have handled their fame as well as Paul McCartney has and his fame hasn’t been regular fame but the kind of fame that few people in world history have had. For nearly 55 years he has been one of the most famous people in the world and he has had few missteps. [The most embarrassing incident has to be the mistake of marrying the gold digger after Linda’s death.} I can’t imagine every time you leave your house being under a microscope. Your every action scrutinized. You could be nice to 999 fans and the one you are short with remembers you forever as a jerk- and tells everyone they ever meet how you were. We all have our bad moments but from all accounts I have read- Paul has always been gracious with his fans and the public. I also give him a lot of credit- seems like he made the right call in not getting married until The Beatles were near the end. From everything I’ve heard his five children- all around forty and above now were well raised by their parents . Sure Paul has his flaws but I’d have to give him an A. I like the fact he never turned up on say Oprah and cried about all the pressures and problems he had. He dealt with them as privately as he could. We all have our problems and issues- even if you are Paul McCartney. George Harrison had a great quote on what it was like to be a Beatle- talking about the fans “They gave their money and they gave their screams but The Beatles kind of gave their nervous systems.”

In thinking about The Beatles- John and Paul. It is amazing the band stayed together as long as they did. No band has ever had two equally talented front men like The Beatles did. John and Paul were both great singers and songwriters. They stayed together for the longest time and they broke the band up at the right time. The competitiveness between the two- sparked many great songs. For example John comes up with a “Strawberry Fields Forever” and Paul feels he can’t be upstaged like this and writes “Penny Lane.”

I think Paul McCartney- in The Beatles and since is a little under-rated if that is possible. While John was at least his equal as a songwriter and singer- Paul was the better musician and in studying The Beatles songbook, I think Paul added more to John’s songs musically than John added to Paul’s. Paul is also considered one of the greatest bassists in  the history of Rock.  Happy 75th Paul!




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