On this date in 1965 Them- released their first album. Them is remembered today of course was led by Van Morrison before he started his solo career. This album is considered to be one of the greatest garage band albums ever. Van Morrison wrote six of the songs on this debut album including one of the most famous garage anthem’s “Gloria.” Another song from this album “Mystic Eyes” is also a well known song that Van wrote on this album. His vocal on the John Lee Hooker song “Don’t Look Back” Van considers as one of his finest vocals from this period of time.

Them were from Belfast, Northern Ireland and would only release along with a number of singles- two proper albums- this one and in 1966 “Them Again” before Van Morrison went off to begin his solo career in 1966.

Oddly on the album cover of “Angry Young Them”  all there is is a picture. The name of the group did not appear. This was a common practice at the time by Decca Records. Kind of a head shaker.