Baseball – “the bregman”

Ok i want to tread VERY carefully here. i woke up on Memorial Day and i see the Astros have a 10 game lead. Seattle at one point had 4/5ths of its projected starting rotation on the DL. Oakland is Oakland. The Angels just lost superstar Mike Trout for a while so they are in trouble. The Rangers seem to have hired the Astros hitting coach from last year as they do not seem to be putting the ball in play often. Anyway.

I have been an Astros fan since I was little. We lived with pretty decent freeway access to the Astrodome and it was only a couple of bucks to go sit in the bleachers. My buddies and I had some great memories at those games even though the ‘Stros did not fare well season to season. Occasionally my brother would get seats near the field – a couple of times I remember sitting in the first row right above the on deck circle. Now there were a few bright spots along the way – 80 losing in the NLCS to the Phillies and the 86 NLCS war with the Mets that no one remembers because of the Red Sox falling apart in the WS.

More Astros memories and rants will be coming up over the next few weeks. What I would like to point out is a stat of my own creation called “the bregman”. (I am sure that others have come up with similar for other players) Do not get me wrong I like Alex Bregman and hope that he continues to get better as his career progresses. But he never seems to do anything when the game is on the line. (There was the GS against the Yankees off of Tanaka a couple of weeks back early in the game) Over the last couple of days you have seen a couple “bregmans” the game is basically over – Astros have a big lead and it is late innings and Bregman working on an 0 for 3 hits a solo dinger to extend the lead that was not in doubt. Grinding away the last few outs – sharply hit double down the line for Bregman.

It is too easy to criticize and I should be praising the great job that the team is doing, yet here we are. Alex keep up the good work – lets move toward “the bregman” being the hit that puts the game away instead of the hit after the game is put away.

go ‘stros!


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  1. Since it is unlikely that my Pirates are going to make a serious threat at anything this season I am rooting for your Astros to finally win it all. Good to see teams that haven’t won before win. But that isn’t the case in the NHL- Go Penguins! One For The Thumb!

  2. Come On Quinn- I think you are probably a Stone Cold Basketball Junkie and have just been trying to fool me all these years.

    • i am not putting anyone anywhere. i just wanted to say that i have never been a fan of a team that had a double digit lead on Memorial day. trust me i watched ever minute of the oilers 35-3 blown lead against the bills. i have seen houston fade down the stretch in september more times then i care to count.
      the indians outplayed the astros and that 3 game set was not close. seems that the astros can beat everyone but the tribe.

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