There are two books that I have read at least a dozen times in my life. Does that make them my all time favorite books? One of them is “Ball Four” by Jim Bouton. This book which came out in the early 1970’s was ground breaking at the time for it told how baseball players really were. Today it wouldn’t be that controversial but at that time it was highly controversial. The way Bouton told his story was what made the book really a great book. I was 11 years old and my grandparents took me to a bookstore and that was the book I wanted. Luckily my grandmother hadn’t heard about the book, so she bought it for me. I took it home and started to read it and ended up hiding in my bedroom so my mother wouldn’t come across it. I must admit that at the time I didn’t understand all Bouton was talking about in the book. Over the years I’ve made kind of a tradition of re-reading the book every year or two right before the baseball season starts. I still enjoy the book tremendously. The things that tie together “Ball Four” and the following book it- humor. Both are incredibly funny books.

The book that I am featuring in this post- is “Fear and Loathing On The Campaign Trail ’72” by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Hunter Thompson was a famous journalist/ writer. His most famous book is “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas” which was made into a movie nearly 20 years ago starring Johnny Depp. This book- is Hunter- on the Campaign Trail in 1972. I t is the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. I re-read this every 4 years in the Presidential Election year. I know this book by heart but everytime I read it I will be laughing out loud.  A few elections ago I was re-reading it and burst out laughing and Mrs. Postcard [who didn’t know of my re-reading this book every four years} said “How many times have you read that book? Every time you read it you sit there and laugh!” This was Thompson in his prime. Some of the material- 45 years after the events happened is kind of dated but his writing is wonderful and humorous and his analysis is spot on most of the time. His writing on Dick Nixon and Hubert Humphrey is a riot.

The T-Shirt above the cover of “Fear and Loathing On The Campaign Trail ’72” I saw it on the internet years ago and had to have it. I wish Dr. Thompson had covered more campaigns but from reading his book I don’t think he could have dealt with doing another campaign.