There is always this debate- what was The Beatles final album? The final album released by The Beatles was released on this day in 1970- “Let It Be.” Paul McCartney had announced a month earlier he was leaving the band [to which George responded “Looks like we need a new bass player.”} The Beatles were done as a group. So “Let It Be” the final release but- it was recorded before “Abbey Road.” They recorded the material for what is now known as “Let It Be”- were not all that thrilled with what they had so they set it aside. They then regrouped and recorded “Abbey Road” and released that album. So “Abbey Road” was the last music they recorded. I go with “Let It Be” as the final album- they got the great and notorious Phil Spector to work with what they had and he would be the producer on “Let It Be.”

I am a member of a number of Beatles groups on Facebook and it always amazes me when someone claims that “Let It Be” is their favorite Beatles album. I am glad the album exists but it is far from their finest moment. I wouldn’t give this album a 5 star rating. “Beatles For Sale” was at least on Beatles standards not stellar either but they had an excuse for that one- they were meeting demands of getting more product out. Just look at the album cover- the boys look so tired. “Let It Be” the movie- is a movie of a group breaking up- and the music isn’t their finest.  Somehow- they pulled it together and made Abbey Road. Did they sense that ‘this is going to be the end, let’s put our differences aside and nail the last one?[the Abbey Road album?}

Anyway, “Let It Be” was released on this day in 1970 and it would go to number 1. Is it a terrible album- no. If nearly any other band had released this it would have been a career highlight- but The Beatles had set higher standards. They called it quits at the right time.



  1. I liked a little bit of every Beatle, but John Lennon with his great political engagement influenced me the most. On “Let It Be” he had only one composition ( “Dig A Pony”). “Don’t Let Me Down” is my favorite song from this time.

  2. John at that point was consumed with his relationship with Yoko and heroin. I agree “Don’t Let Me Down” a true classic song. John was always my favorite Beatle.

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