Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I have always rooted against the Cleveland Browns and must admit I have found great comedy in the way the Browns management have run their hapless franchise since Cleveland regained a franchise in the late 90’s. They have never been to a Super Bowl and I hope they never go. That said I must admit the Steelers-Browns rivalry was a rivalry when the Browns had competitive teams. Maybe the draft this year- and the stockpile of draft picks they have in 2018 can turn them around.

One Cleveland team I have always rooted for is the Indians. They are in the American League so unless they are playing each other in inter-league play it’s fine with me if the Indians do well.  Back in the 1980’s I started going up to Indian games- at the old stadium maybe 4-5 games a year, in the mid-90’s at Jacobs Field [or whatever its called now- } I went 20 games in the first season of that park. The Pirates were still playing in the dump that was known as Three Rivers Stadium so I enjoyed seeing games in a nice ballpark. The Indians have went to three World Series since they’ve been in the new ballpark. Too bad they haven’t won any of them. If a Cleveland team was to win a championship I was hoping it would be the Indians.

Going to games at the old stadium was interesting. You could get a $5 general admission ticket and a couple innings into a game slip an usher a few dollars and move down close to the action along the baselines. There was no one there- and a huge empty ballpark. One of the few times I remember a big crowd there in the games I attended- when the A’s with Canseco and McGwire came to town and once late in Nolan Ryan’s career- a big crowd came out to see him one last time. It was a dump and the place was falling down but Cleveland was the closest place to go to see American League players in person before inter-league play.

I haven’t been to a game there in a number of years. As I get older I am fine watching ballgames on television or listening on the radio. I go to a handful of Pirate games each year but with most of the games on television it’s a lot easier and less hassle and a lot less expensive just to turn the television on.

I got that t-shirt in 2001 at and Indian game. I miss going up there to games- maybe I will hit a game this summer at Jacobs Field. Ok Progressive Field.


  1. I, too, loved to old Cleveland Stadium. You could get a hot dog, watch the game, look at the sailboats out on Lake Erie, see the planes from Burke Airport flying overhead . . . sigh.

    Progressive Field is okay – newer, brighter, smaller. Maybe I will hit a game there this year, too.


  2. Another thing about old Cleveland Stadium Anne is– if you were sitting on the first base side you could hear what a fan yelled- on the third base side. You could have a conversation almost if you wished.

  3. I am a lifelong Cleveland sports fan. You should go,to a game at Progressive Field this year. Don’t forget to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well. Myles Garrett was drafted to make like miserable for AFC QBs. Entirely possible.

  4. I am heading up to Cleveland for U2 concert in July- and am planning on making a day of it- going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier in the day… Will be interesting to see how Garrett does. He has potential but which one will show up? He has the talent.

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