Back in the 1970’s to early 90’s I was a big college basketball fan. Around the time players started skipping college to go from high school to the NBA or just staying for one year and going pro my interest waned. I never really had a team I rooted for- I just enjoyed the game. One team I always had somewhat of a rooting interest in was the Indiana Hoosiers when The General Bobby Knight was coach. For all his faults- namely a terrible temper- he had a lot of virtues- his players graduated, they played sound fundamental basketball and other than Isiah Lord Thomas III- his teams weren’t loaded with future NBA star talent.

During a vacation in the late 1970’s stopped in Bloomington, Indiana and bought this t-shirt at the college bookstore. I don’t follow the sport anymore-until tournament time I will pay a little attention to it I still root for Indiana to have a good team even though Coach Knight is long gone.

A little trivia some may not know- the great Larry Joe Bird- of French Lick, Indiana went to Indiana for a brief period of time, was homesick and left before he ever got to play basketball for Knight. He went home, worked on a garbage truck for a while, decided to give college and basketball another chance and the rest is history.  Trying to imagine how great those late 70’s Indiana Hoosiers would have been with Larry Legend on them.

The Mount Rushmore of Greatest College Basketball Coaches Ever- -in no order– Coach K/ John Wooden/ Dean Smith/ Bobby Knight.