The Clash’s debut album was released in the UK in 1977, it didn’t come out until 1979 as an official release in the US- and it wasn’t the same album that was released in the UK in 1977. in fact in America- The Clash- The Clash was released after “Give’em Enough Rope” was released. I can recall getting “Give ’em Enough Rope” at a National Record Mart in downtown Pittsburgh after a Pirates baseball game and as soon as I got home headed straight for my record player- I was finally going to get to hear The Clash- a group I had read about in a number of magazines. The Clash would be one of my favorite groups in the late 70’s -early 80’s. Their time would be short but they made a big impact in those few short years.

I admit to being a music and book snob. In high school me and a few friends were groups no one else at school listened to or knew of. They were listening to acts like Boston, Foreigner, Kansas, Journey, Bob Seger, etc- the stuff on the radio  and we were listening to The Clash, the Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker.  Some of the stuff we were into were a little harder to come by and often we read about these groups long before we actually ‘heard’ them. It is certainly a hundred times easier today to learn about groups and hear them- just a click away on the computer but I think it was actually more fun the way it was back then, you had to work for it and it was more rewarding and a much bigger thrill when you saw that album you’d looked and looked for.

I bought this t-shirt of The Clash on a trip to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s.  Their most punk album, one I still listen to fairly often today. “London Calling” would be my favorite album of The Clash- and actually since “London Calling” was released in December 1979 I don’t think there has been a better album by anyone- that has come out in the 36 plus years since. I need to make a post on my favorite double albums of all time- “London Calling” has to be #1.


  1. The Clash did some amazing records. I couldn’t pick my favourite one. I think Combat Rock and Sandinista were pretty amazing too, due to the different musical styles they experiment with.

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