I have done a lot of traveling in my live all over the USA, I’ve been to 48 states and all but a few major cities but until a dozen years ago I had never been to Philadelphia. In 2003 I went to a baseball game there and walked up the stairs Rocky Balboa ran up at the Philadelphia  Museum of Art. Then in 2011 on vacation we spent a Saturday in Philadelphia- visiting  Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell and the National Constitution Center. We also did some shopping nearby to a used bookstore which had thousands of books but that we overpriced and to an indoor shopping area where I picked up a candy bar and a package of Chuckles and they charged $2 for each! $ 2 for Chuckles I couldn’t believe it! It was in that indoor shopping area where I picked up the Rocky t-shirt.

When I think of Philadelphia one of the first things I think of is Rocky. The first Rocky movie in 1976 was a classic, one of the greatest sports movies ever. Rocky II wasn’t bad but then there was a steady decline [until the last couple Rocky movies which I have actually liked}  The two sports that seem to make for the best writing and the best movies are baseball and boxing. I’d have to rank “Raging Bull” up there with the greatest movies of all time.  Rocky- I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the first one over the years [last year I re-watched all the Rocky franchise.}