If you were going to purchase one CD to get what Chuck Berry was all about- that CD would be the best of cd called “The Great Twenty-Eight” which is exactly what it says- twenty-eight great Chuck Berry songs. Does it cover everything worthwhile he’s ever done? Of course not. If you want to dig deeper into Chuck Berry the double CD “Anthology” or the four CD “Chess Box Set” of Chuck Berry might be where you want to go or if you have money to spend there is a box set of all of Chuck’s Chess recordings. But I am thinking what you want is probably the essentials and this CD has them. I purchased the cassette tape of this back in the early 1980’s when it came out and when the CD came out-upgraded. It was my first Chuck Berry purchase. {Since then I have the Anthology and the Chuck Berry box set} All the famous Chuck Berry songs are on here. This CD is the foundation of rock ‘n roll music. The songs on this CD inspired countless bands over the years including the greatest of the greats- The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. As Bob Seger sang in his “Rock and Roll Never Forgets’ “All Chuck’s children are out there playing his licks.”  I have always ranked Chuck Berry in the top 5ive of my all time favorite guitarists and rock songwriters. I don’t know if he ever got his due.

The “Great Twenty-Eight” runs 68:55. Only 2 songs go longer than  3 minutes. Rolling Stone magazine ranked this album at #21 on their Top 500 albums list. The songs cover the years 1955-1965 while he was at Chess Records. All twenty-eight songs were written by Chuck Berry.

In his recent book “But What If We Are Wrong?” Chuck Klosterman makes the case that in 300 years Chuck Berry will still be remembered as the rock musician who most closely captured the essence of rock and roll.


1. Maybellene 1955 2:18
2. “Thirty Days” 1955 2:24
3. You Can’t Catch Me 1956 2:42
4. Too Much Monkey Business 1956 2:53
5. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 1956 2:17
6. Roll Over Beethoven 1956 2:23
7. Havana Moon 1956 3:05
8. School Days 1957 2:40
9. Rock and Roll Music 1957 2:30
10. “Oh Baby Doll” 1957 2:33
11. “Reelin’ and Rockin'” 1958 3:14
12. Sweet Little Sixteen 1958 2:55
13. Johnny B. Goode 1958 2:38
14. Around and Around 1958 2:35
15. Carol 1958 2:46
16. “Beautiful Delilah” 1958 2:08
17. Memphis 1959 2:12
18. “Sweet Little Rock and Roller” 1958 2:20
19. Little Queenie 1959 2:38
20. Almost Grown 1959 2:19
21. Back in the U.S.A. 1959 2:25
22. Let It Rock 1960 1:50
23. “Bye Bye Johnny” 1960 2:03
24. I’m Talking About You 1961 1:48
25. Come On 1961 1:50
26. Nadine (Is It You?) 1964 2:30
27. No Particular Place to Go 1964 2:44
28. “I Want to Be Your Driver” (from Chuck Berry in London) 1965 2:15
Total length: 68:55




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