On this day in 1964 Jack Ruby aka Jacob Leonard Rubenstein was found guilty by a Dallas jury of killing Lee Harvey Oswald the assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Ruby was given the death sentence but appealed had it overturned and was granted a new trial but would die on January 3, 1967 of lung cancer before a new trial date was sent. Jack Ruby was fifty-five at the time of his death[ he died the day before my sister was born}

There is no doubt that Ruby killed Oswald. It was the first live on television murder. On the morning of Sunday November 24th, two days after the assassination of Kennedy, the Dallas police were transferring Oswald to the nearby county jail. Ruby was downtown transferring money to one of his night club employees, then made his way into the basement of police headquarters by walking up a ramp. At 11:21 AM CST the police were transferring Lee Oswald to an armored car in the police basement when Ruby walked up and stuck his .38 revolver into Oswald’s gut and fired. Reportedly he yelled “You killed the president, you rat!”

I have read tons of material on the JFK assassination over the past forty plus years. I have went to Dealey Plaza in Dallas four times. I by no means consider myself an expert on the subject just an enthusiast. When I was younger I believed there was a conspiracy but over the past twenty-five years my opinion has changed to where I believe Oswald acted along in assassinating Kennedy and Ruby acted alone in killing Oswald. Of course we will never know 100% what happened.

There is a lot of troubling questions about Jack Ruby. He ran a nightclub and had mafia contracts. One reason I believe he acted along was- he would be the last person the mafia would have wanted to ‘silence’ Oswald. Ruby couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He was always wanting to be a big shot. If you had a secret the last person you’d want to tell it to was Jack Ruby. Ruby was also an over emotional sort. His temper could flair up at any moment. He was a basket case. He was according to those around him extremely distraught over the Kennedy assassination, saying that Kennedy was his president. He said he killed Oswald to save Mrs. Kennedy from having to come back to Dallas to ¬†testify at the trial. On December 19th 1966 a dying Ruby told an Associated Press reporter “There was nothing to hide.. There was no one else.”

President Kennedy, Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby all died at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.



    • I was three I have no memory of that weekend. My dad also was watching and saw it live. Incredible when you think about it.. the assassin killing the assassin… i forgot to mention in the story what a great injustice Ruby did by killing Oswald lived I am sure we’d know the truth for certain….

    • The one thing we will probably never know.. did he act alone or conspiracy? It will remain a mystery I am afraid.

    • You’re right! But many Americans believe that John F. Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. It seems hard to imagine that he simply died by the hand of a madman, plus some unfavorable circumstances. The conspiracy theorists will be anxiously waiting for the 26th October, 2017, when the hitherto kept files to the murder case will be opened. On the other hand, should there be no clues to any dark schemes in them – is not that the proof of a gigantic conspiracy?

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