Kurt Cobain would have turned fifty today. Nirvana’s Cobain committed suicide nearly twenty-three years ago at the age of 27. Back in the early 90’s Cobain was hailed as ‘the spokesman of his generation.” At the time of his death Nirvana had released a few albums including the groundbreaking “Nevermind.” Their debut album “Bleach” was released in 1989 but it wasn’t until their sophomore album “Nevermind” was released in the fall of 1991 that the band broke, and they broke big with the album and the hit song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Two and a half years after the release of the album, two and a half years where Cobain seemed to be in the news on a daily basis-due to the groups success and his marriage to Courtney Love [a bad life decision} Cobain was dead.

In reading about him he certainly appears to have been a miserably unhappy person from his childhood on. The world fame only seemed to make matters worse. What if he had chosen to live? I think the best thing he could have done was to have just walked away from it all.  Some love the spot light and fame. Cobain hated it. I wonder if he had chosen to live and continue being a musician-what course his career would have taken? In 2017 what would his career be like? The facts are he died in 1994 three albums into his career at the age of twenty-seven. He is always going to be twenty-seven.By killing himself when he did became a rock icon forever. There would be no decline, no crappy albums, no fall from favor. We have no way of knowing what would have come later, a great career in rock music or had he peaked?  Again, too bad that he just couldn’t walk away from it all and had lived.