The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Penny Lane”



The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Penny Lane.” “Penny Lane” was released as one side of the greatest single of all-time. It was a double A side with “Strawberry Fields Forever” on the other side. Paul McCartney wrote “Penny Lane.” Penny Lane is the name of a street in Liverpool and the area around it. It was called by art critic George Melly ‘a dull suburban shopping centre.” Paul and John though grew up in the area and they had viewed it differently. It was a  reminder of their childhood innocence. John when he was writing “In My Life” had tried to get Penny Lane into the song but it would be Paul who would end up writing the song about Penny Lane. Paul would later say the song was ‘ It’s part fact, it’s part nostalgia.” Both “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” were meant to be on…

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